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Final Countdown John 14-6 Enjoy^

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2/9/2015 4:30:21 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
End Times of Abrahamic religions, yes, it's coming, well under way and thank God we won't have these idiot postings about failed prophesies that never come true. Yes, the Spirit of Christ is coming again but forget the Pauline Christian prophesies about people flying in the air to meet Jesus or Israel being attacked by the world nations physically. What will happen is that Israel will be demoted from nation status as Palestinians take back their country through democratic means, only have to wait for Pals to outpopulate Israeli Jews even in Israel. So to prevent Pals from inevitable retaking of Palestine Israelis would have to pull a Hitler transporting program to oust Pals from Palestine and what do you think the world nations would do then? Let Israel foist their racist policy on Pals? Nope. So any way you look at it, Israel is toast as no one is going to come to the defense of racist liars and cheats and land stealer once their crimes are fully reported instead of covered up by Zionist/Jewish control of American media and news.