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Refuting A Video

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2/19/2015 7:22:21 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
So I watched Questioning Darwin and after being frustrated, I think it's time to refute each of the claims. Cue the music!

-electric solo-

Pastor Peter: I see. So you would also accept the earth is in a geocentric form and not heliocentric? I'm pretty sure the bible has other places besides Psalms where it is read as the earth shall not move since it lays on it's foundations and pillars. Honestly don't even want to waste my breath on this. Just don't let him be a math teacher.

Angel Dague: First off, apes didn't turn into humans. It took a slow set of mutations and other natural occurances to get us to humans. Apes didn't immediately form humans. Secondly, if all this coming from the ground seems crazy, then what's more crazy about Adam coming from the ground? Sounds more like evidence to support the existence of God's creation story if you ask me. "Behold, first being to form from ground." I wonder if God would've called that first life form Adam.

Ken Ham: Ken oh Ken. Why do you always insist that if Genesis 1-11 is not proven as literal, that we have a gateway to determine right and wrong. God will still exists if we had to reinterpret and therefore, so does his laws and absolutes. It's like you dedicate your entire life to reading one book of the bible and only reading the specific 1 or 2 verses of the other 65. You rehash the same arguments and verses to fit a political agenda, so don't call yourself an apologist, call yourself a politician.

Dr. Charles Bonner: ........... -palm slaps- Where did you go for biblical training? If you honestly believe being made in the image of God means we are made to look exactly like God, then that leads to drawing up he is physical and has a body. Every pastor or theologian I've seen has addressed "Image of God" to mean we have God's ability to create moral judgments and have free will. It's why we have leaders and pastors. Jesus even says we are all gods. This is because we have the ability to not appear as gods, but to become gods for idoltry. What was worse is that you even thought you said something clever where 8 out of 10 pastors/theologians began feeling ashamed.

David Menton: What's more basic? Helping people, having a spiritual transformation, going to heaven. Your a Christian not because you pray, but because you actually show the change. I would encourage people to pray, but don't allow that by the way to be your excuse to not work or put in your best efforts David.

Daniel Lewis: You didn't offer any explanations as to how He did so I will not answer that.

Menton: Really? If your saying to make peace with Darwin means to abandon the prayers, then you are really losing yourself and just deciding to paint a bad image for even theistic evolutionists. I wonder where you got your degree from.

Guy: Ok George Clooney, you are addressing to people like me. People who believe God used evolution to bring diversity to his creation as if he isn't doing anything. Fair enough. But if you believe this prevents miracles, why are there only four periods of miracles in the bible? Moses' adventures, Elijah, Elisha and Jesus' ministry? Everything else is not a miracle in the bible and it took some time before a bloody miracle could happen. Even if it did, evolution should sound like a miracle if you can't comprehend it. Do you see this contradiction?

Angel: Oh my KATHULU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charles Darwin. He is freaking dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David: Death, pain and suffering still exist without your concept of evolution. Face it, all those things are bad AND good. A person chokes from eating too fast. He may have almost died, but he learned to slow down from his experiences. Job is a good story about how one man's suffering led him to experience and learn about God. Pick that book up sometime and read it for crying out loud. David, you seem to be handling cancer well since you smile. Don't let that bring you down. Continue doing good things in life so people can remember you as this great person. It will be something your kids will tell. This, I doubt will be one of them when it comes to YEC.

Ken: Where does it say that all were vegetarian and where does it say animals didn't die? Romans 5:12 says when sin entered the world, death fell unto all humankind. So there is no biblical support for vegan animals. Not only are you scientifically illiterate, but biblically as well. I'll be praying for you tonight Ken.

I skipped the children part because they are still just students and they are still like me, branching out to learn. They may change their views later. I used to be close to Young Earth Creationist, but now I am going to affirm I am a theistic evolutionist. I am happy to say this and I hope you have enjoyed my little response. This is what some of my videos will be like in the future, so keep an eye out.