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Dusty's Dusty Philosophy

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2/19/2015 7:53:17 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I am going to this video as a favor of one of y'all suggested to do. So let's knock this out the park.

"...... Believe in fairytales." Yes dusty, it is bad that people still believe in that, but what about believing them is bad? I could care less if you believe in a flying spaghetti monster or if somebody else did. If you went to kill people because of it, then I have issues.

"Can you imagine.... This is what a Christian nation brings you." I highly doubt that's what would happen under the presidential reign of Mother Theresa or Ammon Hennacy or Dorothy Day or Leo Tolstoy. What your describing Dusty is the idea of a capitalist nation. It's all about money in those nations.

"Use their fairy tales as the basis for their life decisions." Ok Dusty, when you go through saying it's bad for people to use fairy tales as the basis, don't we get some morality or basis from fiction? I remember reading Anthem by Ayn Rand and is the book that made me practically become an anarchist and open my eyes out to religious hypocrisy. What the heck is wrong with getting some sense of direction from fiction? I'm pretty sure your also gonna piss off some Otakus by the end of the day.

Also note, how do you even know it's a fairy tale for sure? We could all be wrong about our positions. It's something I call Ultimate Pascal's Wager. Where we are all in the mix. Assuming a Gnostic position is admitting perfection yet absurdity.

"I found the one thing that works. Mocking." So when trying to be patient and reasonable, you stoop low to using the Christian method of people like Christian comedians, Ray Comfort and Todd Friel? Well. Not bad. Moving on.

"I felt like I would die a Christian." Note, you may, but your faith is always going to be tested. Almost every smart and helpful Christian has had doubts. It's what strengthens their faith in the end.

The scientific Method is not superior. It can't get all the answers. This is why some scientists don't know all the answers in their field because right now, we don't have the resources or information. Science is nice and a good gift, but unless you admit what other scientists admit, your just going to be showing off some ignorance Dusty.

"Education, bugspray for Christianity." Been to K-12 and college. Also did independent research. Still a Christian. Guess I.... Evolved -dramatical music-

Some people will try to refute you and fail, but people will also not try to convince you because they realize you either won't listen or that you must change on your own free will.

"Respect must be earned." Agreed. And you haven't earn my respect, but I hope you will in the mean time bro. While you say young earth creationists are bad, you still believe people like me are harmful just because I believe what you call a fairy tale. v_v