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2/21/2015 3:48:16 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Now this is a topic that Skyangel and I have differing opinions on. as of now

That is not a problem as we have been there many times over the 12 or so years that we have known each other.

I have to remind her every now and then that I AM the alpha male and she is the Omega female.

Now I still haven't put much thought toward the topic reincarnation as I haven't gotten to that as of yet it seems.

But I do know that there IS something of "substance" in that direction.

I will put more thought toward it later this year when I AM outside in the yard going about my work and play.

I do find the subject/topic of interest with the basics that I understand at this "time" (remember that time is mostly an illusion. I use the word mostly very lightly)

BUT now the sad part for those that I may of sparked a interest in.

If you are of a SUPERSTITIOUS mindset

YOU will NOT have the proper maps within your grasp of NON subjective ONE Truth and REALITY .

Sound like double talk?

It is and then again it is not.

All in HOW you FILTER the information and process it.

If filtered and processed through superstitious concepts and such.

You can only read and understand worldly earthly NORMAL try and "fit in" popular programing.

I myself follow the "default safe mode aka DNA program" that came with the original equipment.
Life is what YOU make it,
Most just try and fake it...