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Reconciliation between you and God.

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3/5/2015 4:25:53 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
You cannot come to God and keep the canon undisturbed.

The canon is not for Christians, it is for heathens.

Heathenism is relation between God and man according to the give-and-take. Therefore, the traditional Christianity, like other religions which follow this exploitative principle, is a variant of the heathenism.

The only dogma which has absolute value for Christians is the fact that God is love, and the only commandment is "Love God with your whole heart and love thy neighbor as thyself." It is practically not possible to follow this commandment in full within the canon.

God is love which means that He is not the Almighty, but He is weak! If you are of different mind, you revile God. It is not hard to love God the Almighty and to expect for a reward. Have a try and love a weak. God the Almighty love is like love on a young beauty for her rich old husband. Who will believe in sincerity of this feeling?

The Jesus sacrifice is for his weakness. The mankind sacrifice is for His mighty and His resurrection! Christ was crucified for the whole mankind, and the whole mankind should be crucified for God`s name.

If God is weak, "the world lies in evil" and supplications to him are vain - He cannot help. If it is possible to live following the law which does not exist, then it is possible to live following the faith if the faith impresses in one`s heart. Such a faith is the moral imperative.

Christianity is nor a religion but a moral choice, and nothing besides. Religion is cowardly escape from his choice to spiritual dependence.

However, a real moral choice cannot be limited with the monotheism when man delegates the right in making difference between good and evil to God the Almighty, and at the same time man shelters himself behind God`s back and levels Christ sacrifice. The genuine choice between God and devil is possible only in the framework of dualism, and these two figures are, at least, equal. Traditional church postulates a thesis about God`s indisputable superiority over devil. Such a thesis looks doubtful as it makes us take the strong part, and in such a way it devalues the choice to the advantage of God.

There is no more antichristian than the concept of posthumous recompense and salvation. Indeed, once a Christian starts comparing his real actions to mythical after-world gifts, he automatically stops being a Christian and turns into a hypocrite. There is nothing divine at the bottom of the salvation idea, but only creaturely instinct for self-preservation and fear of death.

Christian needs no paradise for himself, he is not afraid of the hell. He is ready to go to the hell for the sake of others.

The paradise or hell is not a place, but state of soul. The idea that Christ, who was crucified and died and later resurrected, ascended unto heaven, and sitteth at the right hand of the Father is absolute nonsense. While even one innocent creature suffers on the Earth, Jesus is doomed to staying in the hell. Otherwise, He is not love.

A child tear destroys the kingdom of heaven like one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel.

We cannot ignore such a tear similarly to those believers who are ready, for after-death goodness, to sell their souls to the devil, and sacrifice the genuine gifts: conscience and mind for doubtful gifts of "the Holy Ghost". And however much they pray, keep the fast, fight sins, all of this is vain therefore even one crime committed somewhere completely devalues their work and closes the door into the kingdom of heaven.

If Old Testament God was ready to have mercy on a whole sinful city for a few righteous men, New Testament God would have damned a whole city of righteous men, if there was even one innocent tear shed. Nobody can be a righteous man at somebody else`s expense.

Understanding of Christ directly depends on the moral origin, on human ability to compassionate, to feel another`s pain like your own. If all these exist, the seed (God`s Word) falls on rich soil. When there are no moral qualities or they are not enough developed, and a man, even once in his life, had the thought "If Chikatilo is possible in this world, the world has no right to exist and must be destroyed", he has no chance to understand Jesus.

Christianity is not for everyone, it is for the chosen. For everyone Christianity is heathenism, church pops and theological heresy.

Heresy is such distortion of the God`s word based on benefit in the broadest sense of this word, from political mileage to financial benefit and even personal psychological benefit. Not many of all actions which the Bible imputes to God He actually did, and not many of words which it imputes to Him He actually said. The Bible was written by people. Therefore the religion and the God on his behalf the Bible preaches are often in opposition.

The genuine Christianity is not spiritual practice, not fight against personal sins and vice, not salvation, but a war against evil up to its total destruction. Narrow-minded theory of small businesses has nothing to do with this.

A seed dropped into Christian soul turns into a seed of the coming Apocalypse " clear realizing of necessity of the end of the world.