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Me and IP (A Google Hangout)

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3/9/2015 10:23:45 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Me and InspiringPhilosophy (a Christian YouTuber) decided to have a theological conversation about Anarchy, Pressupositionalism, Why there is no Proof of God, and Origins of Races.

Also, if you plan on wanting to do a google hangout with me or want to comment on my video, I don't want to be connected back to this site. i'm not trying to get comments, rather I am letting some of my hosts have their time to have a voice and allow a theological or religious discussion from all views to come in to play. So just say you saw me on InspiringPhilosophy's channel and don't mention our DDO lives on YouTube if you feel like you must interact with me. Just tell me what your youtube name is on here and i'll recognize you, but at the same time, try to treat you new and hopefully start over any ill conflicts we've had. Let me know what your comments are on this video and what your opinions are on the following topics.