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Stealing the Kaba Stone from Mecca

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7/14/2015 10:49:00 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
-If I go special OPs, head into Mecca, Saudi Arabia, break my way into the big, black box, and steal the Kaba stone, how much do you think I could pawn it for at an upper level pawn shop
-Another question. If I take it to a professional specialist in the field, and it turns out it's not from space, has no non Earthlike properties, and is declared by the specialist to be a large ball of ancient human waste, can I get my money back on my Quran I bought from Barnes and Noble for $19.99? If there is a peanut and a piece of corn found in it, can I be granted one request from the Muslim community?
**If there is a combination of a peanut and a piece of corn found in the Kaba stone, this is my request: To be formal, the request is officially titled: "One Special Haj: The Journey to Apologize".

"One Special Haj: The Journey to Apologize"
"What will make it right?
1)Destroy two "holy Islamic temples. In each spot, build an exact duplicate tower of each pre 911 World Trade Center. Put a memorial in front of both towers that states how blindly following irrational belief systems and not thinking for yourselves is irresponsible. Explain how uneducated beliefs can result in catastraphic results that do not help the world in any way. Show examples of the destruction caused on 911. Show pictures of all the aftermath of destruction and death that Islamic Extremist groups have taken credit for all accross the world.
2)Put a statue of Muhamed in Mecca somewhere with a caption that reads,"I, Muhamed, want to apologize for administering the development of a religion that oppresses women, denies free thinking, inforces archaeic and ridculous rules, commands you to make a long, unfair pilgramage, whether you have the resources or not, then commands you to zombie around ritualistically in circles trying not to get trampled or killed, all with the purpose of getting close enough to molest giant black box with hopes of getting inside to maybe, just maybe, get a glimpse of and touch a so called Kaba stone which might just be a petrified ball of human waste filled with ancient peanuts and corn.
3) My last requests are an expensive bottle of wine, a new truck, a new house, a turtle dove, amd a partridge in a pair tree.
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