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The mind's 3rd body? (Incomprehensible rant)

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7/17/2015 7:55:42 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
The third eye, mind's eye & Spiritual experience

We have a common way of characterizing the way that we experience things, and the difference between an "imaginary" experience and an "actual" one. The realm of 'actual experience' is seen by our 'actual eye' which portrays the world to us (in its phenomena) on a kind of 'screen' before our mind. However, there is another screen, which while most present to us while we are dreaming, is also available to us at all times, although often while we are awake its images seem to be "less vivid".

Of these two screens, the screen which projects from our physical eye is seen as the primary one through which we receive experiences, while the other screen is a subsidiary one; some see it in fact as simply re-arranging elements from the former one according to our subconscious or conscious drives. For instance, I can decide to think "tree" and an image of a tree might appear to me on the screen which is called my "mind's eye". But it is a reduction that we refer to this second screen simply as an "eye", since we can all also portray in it any other sensation which we experience through our "physical" body: sight, touch, taste, smell, sound, etc. This means that the mind has not only an "eye" but an entire body of its own. Not only that, but this "mind's body" can simulate all the same more abstract movements which are present to the physical one: emotion, hunger, pain, and so on. But the distinction between the Mind Body and the Physical Body is always only retroactive. We do not necessary know in the moment of a phenomena, whether it is being experienced by one body or the other. For instance, sometimes it is only after we wake up that we realize that what we just experienced was a dream. Therefore, it might perhaps be most accurate to describe the experience this way: Most immediately, what appears to us is a kind of "stream" of body-experiences. However, after these pass, we retroactively categorize them as either "mind" or "body" body-experiences.

It would be an interesting enterprise in itself to question what precisely are the criteria by which we differentiate the two: some might be clarity (how 'vivid' they are), coherence with other body-experiences, etc. And what (or where) is this "after" during which we assess the body-experiences and categorize them? Are these experiences of categorization (categorization itself) only more body-experiences? Or is there some radically different mode of experience which is not the experience of a body but the experience of a category - of a categorization?

Also, do these categorizations remain constant between these different realms? Is this "physical" body considered primary regardless of which I am in, or does each body always consider its own domain the primary one?

Another question is whether these two categories are enough: or whether they are actually an arbitrary amount? If the consistency which characterizes this level of body-experience were replicated in another body-experience appearing to us, but one of an entirely different dimension, would we then need to create another category? This is how I understand what is called "spiritual experience": an experience which is accessible to us, but one which is experienced by a different body than the one which we interact with at this level. This is why it is impossible to bring evidence for a spiritual reality: it would be as absurd as to attempt to grab hold of an object in our "mind's eye", lift it out, and present it as physical evidence, before our "physical eyes".