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Religion, Man, and Jesus.Religion in the Way?

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7/26/2015 1:36:55 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Old Testament= certain foods are unclean and not to be eaten. The Pharisees challenge Jesus for eating "unclean" foods as according to the Old Testament, but Jesus seems unruled by any Old Testament "nonsense" replying something to the extent of 'Food goes into the belly and is excreted with waste. This is not what makes a man unclean. It's the things that go into the heart and come out of the mouth that make one unclean."

You can google Jesus' defiance of many things in the Old Testament. To the point, your topic references the Old Testament of which Jesus seems to not take seriously himself when the Pharisees reference. Context almost seems like he sees much of the Old Testament as a man manipulated set of ideas and rules that are outdated, of no power, and a brainwashing philosophy by those in power to"mentally and spiritually enslave man. There are times in the New Testament where Jesus "shouts" and goes on a rant brought on by anger. Most if not all of those rants are directed at the religious leaders. Religion seems to be his pet peeve. Even the term "Christian" is not from him. The Romans gave this name to a particular group that believed certain things. No follower of Jesus came up with the name. Jesus created no religion intentionally. He taught a certain set of concepts, but never created a religion as "his" per say. Think about it. Most of people throughout history knew nothing of Christian teachings. Would a logical god punish good people based on a title? Jesus' teaching was specific in claiming "weights and measures".
It is logical. "By the measure you are merciful, so shall mercy be shone unto you by God". Makes sense to me. "By the measure you forgive, you shall be forgiven by God." Makes sense to me. His basic concept is easily grasped by a person of general ethics. He states thst there is only ONE law. One thing to obey and use in your life. Just one. Jesus' teaching was easy. Men make it hard.

Jesus said love was the only law. Love God. Love your neighbor. Love even your enemy. Now by love, we mean an act, what you do and what you say to others.

What does he mean by love? The New Testament spells it out by saying,"Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is merciful and forgiving..." It is simplified even further in one easy step. So, to understand and execute Jesus' command to men you only need one quote from Jesus to find instruction and one quote to verify how you are seen by God if you execute the first quote.

1)Quote #1
How to Execute God's Law for "Dummies"
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

-Okay, and if I do this how do I know I'm okay with God? If I don't claim a religion am I still okay since I followed his command? How do I know I'm "His"?

1)"My sheep hear my voice."
2)"By the measure you show mercy, you shall
Be shown mercy by God."
3)"By the measure you forgive, so shall you be forgiven by God."
4)Jesus: "My words are LIFE."
4B)Ghandi was a philanthropist. He was not of the Christian religion. No normal, decent human being would claim he was a bad person. He lived his life for the poor by choice. Plain logic and reason will tell you his life was "Christ like" according to Jesus' teachings. And I reiterate, he was not of the Christian religion. Christianity is a religion. A unity between God and a man is not "religious". It just is. Claiming a religious title does not magically make you "Christ like". Through most of history, the Christian "religion" did not even exist, so obviously, claiming yourself "Christian" is of no value. The concept of accepting a magical pass, if you will, doesn't even make sense. Doesn't the idea of a magical pass insult your intelligence? I know it does. It does mine to. But mental health evidence allows me to logic "the peace of God" if you will, even one step further. If God is love, then his own law (Which is love) applies to Him the same as it does to you or me. Logically, you can't command love, say that YOU are love, and then not practice love yourself. So here is your "peace". You know yourself. You know if you care about people.

-Trust Love and trust Common Sense-
1)"He is faithful to forgive"
2)"My sheep hear my voice"(Sheep is not an insult in this reference)
3)"when you are faithless, he is faithful."
4)Jesus did not judge and even forgave a prostitute. Wow. Think about that. Now am I advocating prostitution? No. But he practiced what he preached. He could measure her mercy and executed it in measure to her as she had been merciful unto others. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." saved her soul. One simple concept. He saw her for her and forgave.

"Illogical Argument of the Skeptic"
1)A homicidal killer, rapist, child molesting, torturer could ask for forgiveness at the last second.
Remember, trust love and common sense. 1)First off, such a situation is not your concern. Worry about YOU in this case. You are not the judge.
2)If he is God, he is no one's fool. Charles Mansonlike characters may ask for God's forgiveness at the last second, and if God is love, he still has tastebuds, if you will, and I'm sure he can chew on it and know if it tastes right. Did they show mercy. Would they show mercy? Do they deserve mercy? His eyes might burn a hole through their soul at judgement.
A plausable thought:
It sounds bizzare and I place little stock in it in reality, but it still constructs a thought, a way of concieving something. God tells Moses, "you cannot look upon my face." Why not? "Or you would die." It's a concept mythological in thought, but is conievable in logic in that it shows an example of how a god could have a sense or ability or power that we do not possess. Smell, taste, sound, sight, and touch all have an effect on us. We always respond to these senses. We all have abilities that we must be aware of. This story shows an example of a "sense" that we do not possess. God uses the five human senses to interact with a five sensed human here. His use of these particular senses has deemed Moses as someone of worth. He doesn't want or need to destroy Moses. Therefore his godlike sense is forwarned,"do not look upon my face or you will die." It sounds odd at first glance, but think about it. If you had an ability to see all threats and a power that automatically destroyed all threats, you would be powerful, essentially invincible. Would you want that sense turned off? No. That mechanic of yourself is a part your power. Moses is not perfect, therefore as a human he is a threat because even "good" people do wrong. This godlike power makes Moses's flawed nature of no threat. If Moses suddenly decided to attack god, god's 6th sense would destroy Moses. I would percieve God as invincible, but this is just a way of thinking about how God might have senses that are fully aware of flaws and threats. If they were to look at each other, and the person was destroyed, that would mean they were a threat. But we are flawed too. Wouldn't we be destroyed?
Ignoring problems doesn't make them go away.
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7/26/2015 1:39:41 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Judgement Scenario:
God's face is not revealed.

1)"Weights and Measures"
A)were you merciful? On what scale? Recorded.
B)Were you forgiving? On what scale? Recorded.

2)"The charges against you"
A list of every ill motived thing ever in your life.
Yuck. I don't think I like such a list.

Can God forgive this list? Yes. Okay prove it.
A)"He is faithful to forgive."
B)"When you are faithless he is faithful"
C)"I shed my blood for many towards the remission of sin."
D)"I have set before you life and death. I would have you choose life."
Jesus said his words were life. Did his words apply in your life? His word was love. Did you love? "To know God is to know love, for God is love."
E)"God wishes for no man to perish..."
F)Jesus said ,"I lay down my for my sheep"
G)Jesus said,"There is no greater love than that a man would lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends."
H)"He was a man of suffering, for he knew suffering well."(Jesus)
I)"The dead will rise with Christ as he was raised from the dead."
J)He forgave very flawed people as a man here on Earth.

-Do you know him? I do not mean in a religious sense. Do you love? Are you merciful? Are you forgiving? Do you hear a voice inside yourself that guides your general sense of being "good" to others?

I close with this. Christianity is a religion. Religion saves no one. Do you hear that voice? When in the midst of the fire, do you dare reach in to pull out your another? Are you beckoned to empathy towards those who are hurting? Does their pain bring out a desire within you to heal their hurt? "To know God is to know love." Do you know love? Is there love in you? You know yourself. God is not a religion. He is someone. His hand reaches down to all. Do you dare grab it? Science and everything finite in our reality are His. Science is God's. Subatomic particles are His. Atoms? His. Quarks? His. Evolution if fully true? His. History of the Earth? His. Any Earthly creature from roaches to cats to dinosaurs, to fish and birds, to bacteria? His. Math? His. Equations when right? His. The brain inside Richard Dawkins's head that refutes God? His. Dawkins's nervous system? His. The ability to be free and choose Atheism? His. The freedom to choose love or hate? His. What about me?

Me? Am I his?
1)I want to be.
2)I care about people
3)Your pain is my pain.
4)Am I merciful. I choose to be.
5)Am I forgiving? I choose to forgive.
6)Do I love God? Yes. How do I know this. Because everyone represents him. The beggar on the street. The friend who needs $50 to keep the electric on. Etc. "The king will say, any time you did it unto the least of mine, you did it unto me."
And this isn't some hokey, bs religious crap. I stand before you understanding pain, hurt, loss, misery, sympathy, compassion, and a heavy heart. That's why I care for you, for others, for God.

"I like your Christ. I just don't like your Christians."
He loved people. He lived and died for the poor and had no such label as "Christian", but he was very Christ Like...
Ignoring problems doesn't make them go away.