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Pushkarams "

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8/1/2015 5:28:45 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
(Excerpt from message of Shri Datta Swami)

You see the recent event of the deaths of several people in the sudden rush during the first day of the Pushkaram of the Godavari River. Similar incidents happened in the case of Kumbha Mela of Ganga River. These priests propagate that the bath in the river on the first day itself will wash all the sins. Can the bath in a river wash the sins, without the total and complete transformation of the soul? The Ganga or Godavari is not the river directly. Ganga or Godavari is the presiding deity of the corresponding river. The deity is energetic form of angel possessing some unimaginable powers granted by the unimaginable God. When you say that this river is the deity Ganga, it only means that this river is under the control of such deity. This is the rule of Sanskrit grammar, which says that if you say that this is that, it can mean that this is under the control of that (Tadadhina Prathamaa...). When you say that this world is God (Sarvamkhalvidam... Veda), it means that this world is under the control of God.

The bath in the river used to give some freshness to the human being, which is the first step to concentrate on God and finally to get rid of all the sins with the help of His divine knowledge leading to total and complete transformation of soul. The first step is always linked with the final result in order to encourage the soul. People say that if you join this medical college, you are sure to become the best doctor. This does not mean that you will become the best doctor just by joining that college. You must study sincerely and then only you will achieve the result. Today, in the case of the bath in the river, even the first step is spoiled. In the olden days, the river running from its source was very pure with all the merits of the association of minerals and medicinal plants. Such a running river was always better than the stagnant well.

Today, the rivers are polluted with drainage water and industrial waste. Today, the well water is far better than the river water. These priests propagate that by dipping in such a polluted river in a particular area (Desha) and at a particular time (Kala) will remove all the sins. This is totally wrong because even the initial freshness is not attained, not to speak of wash of all sins. The priests also know this. If they are true about this concept only, they should say that by dipping you will get rid of all sins.

But, these clever priests say that after the dip (Snana), you should give donation (dana) to them. So, all this is commercial trick to cheat the people and earn the money. Such earned money will never give happiness. Thus, the subject is always twisted to achieve the selfish ends and finally the innocent and ignorant humanity is damaged. As per scripture, you should always say the truth in sweet way and say neither the truth in harsh way nor the lie in sweet way (Satyam bruyat Priyam...).

posted by: surya (disciple of Swamiji)