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Few believers are Christians.

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9/2/2015 9:07:25 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Since I've been preaching the true gospel ( Voice of God ), I haven't met very many Christians who listen to Him. Most of them have totally rejected His Voice and even want to see me leave town or be killed.

Most believers have left their religious roots as a young person but some of them hold on to their old religious ideas until they hear the true gospel that I preach to them. I have witnessed to believers from all sorts of religious backgrounds, ethnic groups and ages. I have been witnessing to several believers who call themselves atheists who have become very close friends of mine. They like to see a man of God true to his teachings instead of being like the hypocrites who call themselves Christians and even saints sometimes.

Not one Christian has ever been used as one of God's saints who testifies to His knowledge ( Word of God ), also known as His thoughts that cannot be seen by man. The Word of God is NOT a book called the Bible. The Bible has been used by Christians to deceive other people into their false religion. God doesn't use the Bible to teach us saints about the beast, the future or how He created everything. We learn everything from our written and spoken testimonies that match up to the OT prophecies.

There are a few believers that I've met in this forum but it's very difficult for them to trust written words from us saints. It's much easier to hear the Word of God being spoken to them by a saint they can see. When they look into my eyes and read my body language as I preach to them, they know that the body is not deceiving them. Then they can trust the words they are hearing from my mouth as the knowledge of God that they've been waiting to hear.

Your stupid moderators in this forum cannot stop me from preaching the gospel in here because this forum is not set up to keep me from signing up with new accounts. I will remain in this forum until the body that's writing this thread has been killed. Then you believers will know that the end of this age is near. The 1,000 year reign of Christ will end with the death of my flesh that's writing this thread.

There's only ONE resurrection and ALL God's people were promised to be in that resurrection. The first death experience was when your body was formed in the womb of your mother and delivered into this world without knowing God. Some of you get to know God before you die as a chosen believer who will hear the gospel I preach to you, which is the Voice of God. Most of you will remain spiritually dead until your second death, which is the death of your flesh. But your spirit that was born in the mind of God will remain in the Word until you awaken in new flesh in Paradise.

None of us will remember living in this first age but we will experience a new way of life in Paradise forever and ever. Man was created both male and female so you will be formed in Paradise with two bodies. One body will be a male and the other body will be a female and you will be partners for eternity. You will never have to be married and you will never be divorced.

You and your perfect partner can expect to experience life in many different kinds of bodies in your own individual dreams. This will keep life interesting without every being bored. We will never experience death of the flesh like we all do in this age. We will not know what decay, disease, destruction, wars, or night is in the next age. We will not keep track of time or care about the past or future because we will always experience new things in the present since the present is all we can experience. Life comes at us one picture at a time but at a rate fast enough to make us believe we are in motion. This illusion is what makes us unique to God's visible rocks and other visible objects that don't move.

Our dreams and vision in Paradise will keep getting better and better with more objects to experience. The ONE language ( God's Servant David ) that we speak to each other will keep growing as these new objects and experiences are named by us future saints who will be the forerunners of experiences in Paradise. We will be used to start the new language that will be heard and spoken by ALL God's created men.

God bless all who hear the voice of the Lord,
Saint Brad
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9/2/2015 12:59:16 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Sadly Brad is a very sick, delusional person. What I can't understand is why he is constantly banned, but keeps making a reappearance! On most other forums if you are banned you can't register again.