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10/17/2015 3:25:02 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
I am not sure how many other people view themselves as a humanist. I didn't understand what my spiritual philosophy was until I started calling myself a humanist. Then I realized there is an actual organization that is recognized as a religion for Humanism. Because it is a relatively small movement, there isn't anybody I know of that I can talk to about being a humanist and engaging in meaningful discussion about ideas and viewpoints of other who align themselves with this ideology. So I figured I'd preach, lol, about what Humanism is. There are many sects of Humanism throughout history but the most prominent of today and one I believe I align most with is Modern Humanism.

Modern Humanism is split between two types (Secular and Religious) The principle being: That mankind must look towards itself to propel ourselves to greater understanding of what it means to be Human.

Secular Humanist, follow the idea that defiance of established religious influences while not dismissing them entirely. Basically, you will challenge the tenets of people's faith but not dismiss them entirely. By doing this Humanists believe Democracy was founded. Breaking away from established Theistic rule in favor of a more people involved rule. Much like the Constitution of the U.S Acknowledge that the Church exists but separate its ideas and influences from the State. Another proponent of secular Humanism is skepticism. Most religions find that a prophet, or great person helps define them. Humanists mostly agree Socrates is our prophet. For everyone of his time claimed they knew the answers, but Socrates who dabbled his whole life in philosophy and reason claimed he knew nothing.

The other side of Humanism is Religious Humanists. This way of thinking acknowledges that it serves a functional role in the development of spirituality. Allowing for ceremonial proceedings without the influence of God's or souls or anything else that you really don't care for; but still maintain the ceremonial practice of spirit. For example, at a Humanist memorial service a speaker will not talk about how the deceased is in a better place or whatever, but will remind the family of what the deceased's legacy was and the great things they did in life and the positive impact they had in their society and community. As well, Religious Humanists find that faith needs be in action, and not reaction. Why do we need God to stop the wars, the hate, the destruction when we are capable of doing it now. Why look to other deities who may or may not exist, when action is required now. The values that Religious Humanists emphasize is that compassion for others is what spiritually fuels our well being. Not divine grace, but knowing that through pure selflessness on your own accord you have bettered someone else and also spiritually helped yourself in a way without an outside entity weighing in on your decisions.

Together, these make up the Modern Humanists basic ideas. Since there is no strict theology, it allows for a very large freedom of belief in political ideology, and agenda. Corliss Lamont (a big proponent of modern humanism) writes "a naturalistic philosophy that rejects all supernaturalism and relies primarily upon reason and science, democracy and human compassion."

Therefore, Humanists mostly advocate for complete unalienable freedom for all people, societal congregation and community driven participation for self rule, and compassion in fellow man. So this is what I believe in, I closely align myself with these ideas because I do believe that Religion is a big part of the spiritual nature of a persons identity but i don't want to acknowledge a God who has rules, for my spiritual fulfillment. I'd rather believe in myself and others through action, than waiting for a God who may or may not be there. At the same time, I value enlightenment and scientific though for our understanding of who we are as Human's and to help understand where our purpose will lead us too. I also believe in democracy, and fundamental freedom. The freedom to pursue whatever I want, and to not have it infringed by others by democratic agreement that we will all respect these freedoms.

So, yeah. That's my belief, are there others out there?