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Where are the FEW of the many?

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11/10/2015 1:08:21 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
I found the next reply for Sky on another thread. If you don't know of that thread then tough nipletts.

"Are you saying that you are the only person in the world that believes what you believe?"

I myself would of never read or posted here on this forum if Sky didn't play here first.

Sky is a female and she likes children and their antics far more then I care for personally.

But as long as she finds this place worth her time, I will peek about and see what the snoddlers are complaining about, but NOT precisely WHY.

Kids will be kids they say and so called adults will try and do what ever they can convince themselves and others that they can get away with.

This place is like most other places that people gather because it is basically FREE in their opinion. A form of FREE advertising of themselves as they would like to believe they are or will be.

I find that there are NO final conclusions, solutions or honest weights and measurements used here as well as most else wheres.

Nothing new under the sun when the many of the people try and have their versions of fun.

There are few such as myself and Sky as most choose to be of the world and try and FIT IN with what is considered NORMAL at the TIME.

so I will poke sticks at the dead and see what they try and not do.

p.s. the stick finds them mostly constructed of foul air & noise.
Life is what YOU make it,
Most just try and fake it...
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11/13/2015 4:48:10 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
The person who asked the question has no clue what you or I believe.
They are too busy forming their own opinion and interpretation about what others believe instead of making an attempt to understand a different point of view to their own.
However, that is to be expected since that is mostly what the many children do.

Many are right in their own eyes but few are right.