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the simple math of it all

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11/18/2015 2:05:57 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
I find it interesting that most people are so caught up in their deceptions and lies called good that they never grow enough to have a understanding of the SIMPLE MATH of it ALL.

There are those that try and believe that some sort of God created Life as we know it from dirt & water and then breathed the spark of LIFE into the "lifeless" materials.

And then it goes on to taking a rib and making a female to be a helper for the male.

So just WHERE did this so called creator of ALL come from?

Now don't get lost in the superstitious realm of tradition.

I have read the scriptures and find it a great read IF you understand that it is more of a cookbook of LIFE and human nature.

Not a history or inspired by a God that lives out there somewhere unknown.

I view the concept of God as simply LIFE it's self. It always has been and will always be no matter how hard mankind tries to destroy it's self.

Humans created the Gods that are like humans in some form.

The "God" that I understand is energy simply put.

The god that I know is myself.

Then we have the so called scientific themes of HOW and WHY.

They seem to have a problem with the simple to understand FACT and evidence that if outer space can't be clearly understood by mankind then WHAT is the problem with the CRAZY notion that Life has always been and will always be as here we are.

I came from my mother and she came from her mother and that can go back FOREVER IF the illusions of TIME are used to try and make it flow.

Now other humans come from other humans as it is easy enough to figure out. I had it figured out when I was about 4 or so as I was watching the world around me and not off playing make believe and pretend as is popular with most small children.

I understand that what I wrote will offend and upset most peoples versions of what they choose to view as REALITY.

Humans have always been just as outer space must go on and on and never end as it is the way that "the machine of LIFE" operates even if we can't have a full understanding of it all.

Most all that people try and follow and believe in is MONEY & power generated.

The proof of that is easy to understand if you have left the childish ways behind like a full nappy.
Life is what YOU make it,
Most just try and fake it...