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Jesus Mythicism, not so crack.

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11/24/2015 4:59:38 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
***This thread is NOT about defending the Jesus Myth Theory***

I have heard 2 claims about Jesus mythicism a lot since I became one.

1) Jesus Mythicists are just atheist extremists or just atheists who hate Christianity/God.
2) Jesus Mythicism is a crackpot idea that doesn't stand a chance in the mainstream.

The reason I am making this thread is to address these 2 points in order to help show that Jesus Mythicism might not be so crack.

In response to point number 1, this makes no sense when you consider Jesus Mythicist advocate Thomas Brodie. He is a Jesus Mythicist, one of the big three (along with Carrier and Price), but the main difference is that he is a Christian, not an atheist. He is an Irish Roman Catholic priest with a Doctorate in Sacred Theology AND a Jesus Mythicist.
This means that Jesus Mythicism is not extremist atheism, is not anti-Christian atheism, etc.

In response to point number 2, there are only 3 qualified people who have tried to seriously defend the existence of a historical Jesus (Erhman, Casey and McGrath), but all of it was outside of the peer review. Not ONE serious attempt at defending a historical Jesus was done within the peer review.
There are 2 qualified people who have written about doubting the existence of a Historical Jesus (Carrier and Lataster), both WITHIN the peer review.
The peer review is the path to mainstream scholarship, and the fact that the only peer reviewed works are ones that doubt a historical Jesus (Carrier with Mythicism and Kataster with agnosticism) means that Jesus Mythicism DOES stand a chance in the mainstream.

So, is Jesus Mythicsm a crackpot idea? I do not think so, not in the slightest.