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Stop Sin from Today & All past Sins Will Be

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12/6/2015 3:32:29 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Stop Sin from Today & All past Sins Will Be Cancelled ... (Excerpt from message of Shri Datta Swami)

Several other Divine Preachers developed philosophies for the same problem in different ways. Buddha preached that the desire should be controlled, which can bring out the control of corruption. He said that justice (Dharma) and society (Sangha) are ultimate and did not mention the family advising to treat the society as one's own family. Mahavir Jain preached the absolute non-violence, which includes not to hurt your co-human beings also. If you steal the money of the other person, he or she will be hurt with pain. Jesus told that if you stop the sin from today onwards, all the past sin will be cancelled.

Jesus told that you should hate your family members and then only you can become His disciple. The real background of this statement is not understood by anybody so far. One wonderful scholar says that the meaning of this statement is to love your family! The background is that the family is the basic reason for the corruption of money and if you are advised to hate the family, at least, you will reduce your blind love on it. If you aim at first class, at least, you will pass the examination. If you aim at the pass only, certainly you will fail. Goal should be always in the highest level so that your effort will be very strong and at least you will achieve the minimum average.

The main control of the corruption can be achieved by making the Nivrutti as the foundation for Pravrutti in reverse way. Pravrutti and Nivrutti mutually support each other. If you establish the concept of God and the anger of God in the form of punishments in this world and also in the hell after the death, such knowledge of Nivrutti will stand as a firm foundation for the control of corruption in Pravrutti. If the atheism stands as the foundation, control of corruption cannot be achieved because there is no logic in such foolish control. Even I will become corrupt if the concepts of God and hell are absent. I will not do corruption if the courts and government catch Me because I fear for the punishments. But, if I can do the corruption in the high intellectual level escaping the courts and government, I can escape the punishments and I along with My family members can enjoy very well with the corrupt wealth.

Even there, please note that the excess of enjoyment will spoil your health, which is the real wealth. But, I will say the excess of wealth will be useful for My infinite number of generations! In this way, the fear is lost and if the atheist still says that one should not do corruption respecting the justice, is it not foolish? Therefore, in the concept of atheism, the control of corruption becomes foolish and impossible. Mere respect for the law and order cannot control the corruption. You must not misunderstand that the concept of God is also false like the concept of monism that is developed to control the corruption. Both the concepts are useful for the control, but, the concept of God is real and the concept of monism is unreal. This entire creation may be unreal (Mithyaa) but the Creator is the absolute reality. The same result can be achieved through real and false concepts. The mother can feed her child by saying that the moon will come down or by saying that one will become strong on eating the food. If I believe in the existence of God, I cannot do the corruption fooling the law and order, due to the fear for God, who is omniscient and I can never escape the punishment from God here as well as there.

This is the reason why the ancient rulers in the world kept the religion and philosophy on the top most level of the education system and the administration. The present government, especially in India, is missing this advantage by bringing the concept of secularism, which means that all religions are one and the same. But, the government does not follow any religion and is not giving importance to the spiritual knowledge of any religion in the name of secularism!

Secularism means that the same medicine is in all bottles and you can take the medicine from any bottle you like (conservatism) or from all bottles. The unfortunate secularism, today means avoiding taking the medicine from any bottle! In such case, conservatism (following one religion strictly) is far better than such misunderstood secularism. This is the reason why India tops in corruption.

Posted by: surya (disciple of Swamiji)