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12/27/2015 9:19:55 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
I am seeking for explanation behind two things:

1. Where in scripture does it speak and say that we need to have oratators silencing GOD's people to inhibit and prohibit the communication of GOD among HIS FOLLOWERS?

I apparently missed this point in scripture where all the disciples wrote to the CHURCHES (not pastors, not preachers, not bishops, priests, or like-wise, "note, look in Old Testament Did GOD want his people to even have a KING to rule them? No! but out of Man's sinful desires did GOD allow it.", so where does scripture say we need to have a "king" of a biblical proportion in each and every church [let alone why do we need church buildings today])

2. Where does scripture speak of denominations, does Galatians 5:19-21 not make it very clear that these divisions, altercations and self-righteousness is a fruit of the flesh?

I implore you to seek out churches that speak in tongues, practice laying of hands, and speaking in prophecy according to scriptural teachings not man's teachings. And to have the Holy SPIRIT lead and guide you to either break-away from your denominational (demonic nation) teachings, and go back to the core of what the churches of Christ were really about...

Being led by the HOLY SPIRIT to teach, love, preach, communicate with HIS CHILDREN to move in them THE BREATHE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

This is not an individualistic event coming from an orator to speak HIS CLARITY FROM MAN'S BIBLE STUDY OF MAN'S TEACHING FOR MAN'S EXPLANATION.


If you want to be taught the WORD OF GOD BY GOD'S DIVINE NATION break-away.

Denominations will hate you, Denominations will crack you down and say you are not practicing according to scriptures, but will be at loss for words when you ask them why did the Children of Israel Rebel against GOD saying they wanted a KING instead of GOD to rule them as a whole.

Prove to me your scriptural references where one single verse was written in the new-testament in how one should listen to just an orator speaking.

JESUS CHRIST was the SON OF GOD speaking in parables, and riddles yes. But how many times did it just start with him speaking to no one individually first?