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Christlike Evolution

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1/18/2016 9:05:48 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Adaptation to the contemporary culture and saying whatever it takes to intimidate the skeptics into conceding that their search for omniscience is a contradiction to their denial of a supreme librarian's existence...

My adaptation to your skeptical culture requires:
1. ruthless counterbullying to the vindictive atheistic doom-preachers predicting the obsolescence of the Church and religion. Which, is only feasible through the authoritative grandstanding stolen from...
2. the corrupt pulpit of the Church, whether it be Catholic, Protestant, etc. Manipulating "atheistic" logic for the edification of adaptable Christians while maintaining some friendliness to their messiah. This is my favorite method. I have no pity for stupid Christians relying on ancient tactics, refusing to update their strategy for a new kind of enemy.
3. Counterintuitive portrayal of an antichrist: blunt, mean, and outright cruel.

No wonder Jesus left before he could be corrupted by the constant magnet of human evil tugging at him, tempting him to abuse his power to control the sheep with absolute certainty that they would not stray, for fear of abandonment.