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I can ex culo scientific foreknowledge too!

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1/27/2016 7:48:29 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
It seems as if a lot of people, seeking to prove their own religion as true, are looking for instances of "scientific foreknowledge" in their holy scriptures. These usually involve seeing a vague claim in a holy book like this:

"...blueberries are good..."

And churning out something like this:

In modern science, it is well known that the blueberry has medicinal properties. Blueberries contain antioxidants, fibres, and vitamins essential to one's functioning. When one eats a blueberry, one's body is given a well-needed cleanse.... [GOES ON FOR FOUR MORE PARAGRAPHS ABOUT HOW BLUEBERRIES ARE GOOD FOR YOU}

This is not a good example of foreknowledge for two reasons. Firstly, the original statement was very vague and could easily have been a guess, and it only appears specific because the later paragraphs list all kinds of things good about blueberries that appeared nowhere in the original scripture, and secondly, the person claiming foreknowledge did not prove sufficiently that the fact that "blueberries are good for you" wasn't known at the time of the holy book's writing.

Sometimes, the scientific foreknowledge is completely pulled out ex culo, and absolutely everything about the so-called foreknowledge is a lie.

For example:

[Holy book 12:11] "You shouldn't lie. "

Well, !@#!@ that! Who cares about the moral implications of lying? It is okay to promote one's religion through deceit! I am a big televangelist! I have private flights to catch, and camels to fit through needle eyes, and I have a hundred lit lightbulbs all under pans and pots! Who cares about honesty? The answer is nobody!

[Holy book 19:31]"You shouldn't eat pork. "

This is scientific foreknowledge! Pork contains a parasite called Taenia Tichurasis, which does not die when cooked, and can make your !#!$ fly off! Who cares about the fact that the parasite doesn't exist, and that the actual parasites, the similarly named Taenia solium and Trichuris trichiura, actually can be killed through cooking and sanitation? Nobody! Not the person who authored the book, nobody! Copy and paste this chain letter on and on!

In conclusion

Scientific foreknowledge is easy to make up. Anybody can shoehorn facts into their holy book's so-called foreknowledge. If you don't know of facts that you can shoehorn, then just make up facts. Nobody will care.

For instance, I have proof that the FSM is true: there's scientific foreknowledge. The FSM says that you should not eat beef. Beef always contains mad cow disease, which is as yet untreatable. [true fact, but a bit shoehorned since the original holy book says nothing about mad cow disease]. Some people say that the risk of mad cow disease can be reduced by not feeding cows the brains of other cows. I call bull! My reality is right and your reality is wrong! A study done by a conveniently unnamed Ivy League university says that 100% of cows carry the disease!

The FSM also says that you should always bow down to pirates! Scientific facts, from conveniently unspecified studies, show that bowing down to pirates reduces the chances of exploding into coke-stained fictitious worms by 2991214.213221%!!!!! Believe in the FSM!

For more examples of so-called scientific foreknowledge, go to any apologetics site for any religion. Make sure to learn to make up your own so that you can create your own apologetics website, or even better, a televangelist show, and start stuffing camels into needles.
:) nac