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U believe in Paleantology? U believe in god(s

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1/30/2016 1:06:59 AM
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Chaos (mythology)
In Greek mythology, Chaos (Greek: ]5;^0;_9;`2;), the primeval void, was the first thing which existed. According to Hesiod,[1] "at first Chaos came to be"

-After Big Bang there was Chaos


Scientist finds the Kraken

The Kraken

---- ---- ---- ----

Nephilim finds

Nephilim found in Ohio

Nephilim found in Afghanistan

Nephilim found in Peru

Nephilim found in Wisconsin

-Who were the Nephilim

-The Nephilim and Satan

---- ---- ---- ----
"The Walking Whale"

Ambulocetus and Rotocetus

The Science of Ambulocetus Rodhocetus

-Whale Mythology from around the World



The ancient Chinese believed that a strange mythological figure, Yu-kiang, held sway over the sea. This dragon-riding water deity had the body of a fish but the hands and feet of a human being. It was not a true fish, however, but a kuan, a huge whale several thousand li long that came from the Northern Sea and could walk. Sometimes the monstrous kuan got angry, and when it did it turned into a gigantic bird (p'eng), whipping up terrible storms as it emerged aborve the ocean surface (M. SoymiA533;, in P. Grimal, 1963)
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