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Planets and their place in Hindu Faith

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1/30/2016 1:19:57 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
There is a section of Hindus who see planets as Divine aspects . Vedic Astrology plays an important role in Hindu Faith , when it comes to dealing with planets . Hindu Faith consist of God and Devas ( There is a much bigger list of Supernatural entities , but lets stick to them ) much like the Faith where we have God and Angles .

Now following are the Planets ( including Sun and Moon ) and there place in Hindu Faith .

Sun = Surya , He is a Deva . He signifies our Soul and Ego . He rules Sunday .
Moon = Chandra , He is a Deva . He signifies our Mind . He rules Monday .
Mars = Mangala , He is Deva . He signifies Courage . He rules Tuesday .
Mercury = Buddh , He is a Deva . He signifies Communication . He rules Wednesday .
Jupiter = Brihaspati , He is a Teacher of Devas . He signifies Wisdom . He rules Thursday .
Venus = Shukur , He is a Teacher of Asuras . He signifies Beauty and Love . He rules Friday .
Saturn = Shani , He is a Deva and Son of Sun . He is a cruel and Karmic Planet and most worshiped Deity among Celestial Family . He rules Saturday .

There exists 2 nodes of Moon in Rahu ( Head ) and Ketu ( Headless Body ) who are responsible for the eclipse of the moon . Rahu is obsession while Ketu denotes Spirituality .

Each planet rules 2 Signs . Sun rules Leo and Moon rules Cancer .