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Reasons for secularphobia in America

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2/9/2016 8:08:36 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
A recent study by Pew Research Center revealed that roughly 50% of Americans would be unhappy if a family member married an Atheist. The point of this small article is not to prove this, but to suggest reasons for this amount of disapproval.

1. Secularphobia is starkly different from homophobia and racism in todays society. It is far less socially acceptable to openly be unaccepting of homosexuals and ethnic minorities, however it is more acceptable (Or less unacceptable if that makes sense) to be disapproving of Atheists, because of this more people will be willing to share their disapproval of Atheism.

2. Outgroup bias is another interesting reason for this. Outgroup bias is (Generally speaking) the bias against people from different "Groups" that are dissimilar to ones own group, out-groups will be viewed more negatively. This applies to Atheism, as religion is the "In-group" while lack of it is the "Out-group", because of this unconscious bias, Atheism will be viewed more negatively.

3. Another big reason for this Secularphobia is because the other reasons I have mentioned, also apply to Atheists. Because of these effects happening on either "side" of Secularism and Nonsecularism, this tends to cause tension and strife between the two groups, this of course just makes things worse for both sides.

4. Atheists are distrusted because unlike Non-secular groups, they do not believe there is a god, so because of this it is perceived as that they are not acknowledging that there is an omnipotent being regulating their behavior, because of this, they are less likely to be trusted to act morally, simply because they view that no (God) is there to keep them in check.

There are without a doubt, many many more reasons, but I won't list anymore. The purpose of this article isn't to insult the Non-secular readers, but more to provoke them to consider their actions more carefully when interacting with the Secular. This is not to say all Non-Secular people have Secular-phobic attitudes, but without a doubt there are some, and if they are anywhere, it will be in this forum.
"Hate begets hate"