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The Diversity of One

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2/11/2016 1:36:34 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
There is in the quietude of isolation part of ourselves most people do not see. In some aspects, it is our darker halves. Then, in the light of our collectives, we live for the most part entirely different lives.

As of late, I have considered this as being duplicitous, masks worn to conform to the expectations of society. Up until recently, I was under the impression to be genuine, first, we needed to live transparent lives; and, by transparent, I meant to say we needed to let our darker selves live in the light.

Yet, our darker halves are not the whole of us. We are only complete as we accept our darker and our more favorable halves, together; one compliments or compensates the other. In considering these masks we are at times forced to wear, it's as though, in ourselves, we are unbalanced, one-sided and our collectives demand of us compensation. Allowing ourselves the luxury and, rather yet, the ineptitude of being ourselves without even the slightest tendency towards adaptability, in the extreme creates dysfunction; and, dysfunction puts us at a disadvantage, causing frictions and incompatibilities between ourselves and our collectives. Even though some frictions and incompatibilities are needed to define us as individuals. In other words, just as we need to win favor with society, we must also delineate ourselves from each other by exposing our disagreeable natures. It is not a question of one or the other, but both. It is a balancing act between individuality and collectiveness. It is the interplay of light with darkness that creates identity.