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If the Church is FEMALE....

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2/13/2016 11:23:37 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
As described by the bible as Jesus' bride, then every Christian man is married to Christ, essentially nullifying any opposition to gay marriage. On top of that, female leadership is more sensible than a mere man being elected to represent a female entity.

I nominate any Ph. D-accomplished woman (see my debate for the Ph. D qualifier) with enough disdain for man's historical failure but lacking in an excessive dislike so as to circumvent bias.

The realistic tactic to enact this delusion is to become so influential and steal the power from men and freely give it to women. This is also seemingly ambivalent in its empowerment of women. It implies that the only way for womankind to achieve her fair chance at running the world is if man surrendered out of shame, defeat or pity.

With man's corrupt insistence on managing the logistics of living on earth, I see no obvious strategy where women can infiltrate the misogynistic fortress without a traitor helping them. Too good to be true? My agenda does not require rule. I hate politics to begin with, so why would I follow the same path others have failed to complete?