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Uniformitarianism in religious texts

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2/21/2016 11:18:03 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
I have noticed many people claim -- especially with regards to the issue of same-sex marriage -- that the debate "comes down to whether God exists." For instance, when I have questioned people who are for strict legislation against same-sex marriage, they have responded with answers regarding God: "God exists, is against same-sex marriage, therefore same-sex marriage should be illegal." But I never did see the relevance of God to same-sex marriage legalization, despite the references in religious texts against same-sex marriage.

The question/issue I had was: How do you prove that God is against same-sex marriage? The religious text is merely an appeal to authority. Only following that did I realize the logic implied to justify that: since the religious text has a lot of truth in it, it follows that everything in the religious text is true. Essentially, what is being displayed is a form of "uniformitarianism" with regards to information in religious texts. I have noticed the same in debates about God's existence. Answers have frequently been: "The religious text was right about this and that, so isn't it right about this so?"

But it is a plain generalization. There is no uniformitarianism implied within a religious text. 90% of it being true does not imply 10% of it being true, and there's literally no justification for it.
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