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Interview with an agnostic

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2/23/2016 12:39:39 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Host: Hello and welcome to "DDO interviews", I'm your host Derk Smirkly!* Today I will be interviewing an agnostic. What's your name?

Agnostic: Tootal Le Ignorant

Derk: Ill call you Tot. Welcome to the show!

Agnostic: Hey...

Derk: So what are your views on God?

Agnostic: Dunno

Derk: So you don't have any views regarding God?

Agnostic: Nah, that's literally my view regarding God: "dunno".

Derk: If you did know, what do you think he would look like?

Agnostic: What do you mean "if you did know"? That makes no sense!

Derk: I'm just saying that "if" you did know. You know, I'm not going to kill you if we just speculate!

Agnostic: I guess not.

Derk: So what do you think he looks like?

Agnostic: He would look like a gay gypsy.


Agnostic: He roves about the earth, telling Noah to drown everyone and then creates a rainbow. That is some hardcore gay BDSM if I've ever-

Derk: Ok, that's it for tonight. See you next time!

* "Dirk Smirkly" is the most obscure reference ever known to man. No, don't even try to google it...not even google knows...
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