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Science, Religion and Words

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3/3/2016 4:25:04 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
The difference between science and religion is the difference between the quantified equations of mathematics and the unquantifiable equations of metaphor. Those who cannot focus their mental scope with sufficient precision to count must guesstimate relationships by comparing superficial attributes to derive meanings from their experiences. The errors of both science and religion are produced by logical deductions made from inherently faulty language, but the errors cannot be perceived by people who mistake their words for real things and their language for a real map.

The nemesis of abstraction is that the symbol becomes the reality, and the individual differences in the real world are occulted behind the Veils of Maja. As the focus of the mind shifts from the immediately tangible world to verbal concepts, the mind becomes separated from the body and both lose their health.

Paradise is a myth about a preverbal Consciousness, before men created words and subsequently mistook the symbol (idol) for reality (God); the Fall of Man and his Expulsion is the consequence of worshipping verbally fashioned images. Philosophers pretend to lead us back to reality on ways paved with more words of higher abstraction, like devils promising to lead us to Heaven. If the devil is the Father of Lies, words are surely the Mother. Philosophic disputes are word wars; those who live by their words also die by their words.

Words are ultraspacial structures created by abstracting common features of significance while ignoring unique features. Words amplify similarities and eliminate differences by wave interference. Words are the product of fusing all the unique images of several structures into an ultraspacial gestalt.

A gestalt exists as an extension of its material manifestations in the form of a trajectory through time and space; a mental concept extends through no fewer than four dimensions. The minds comprehends the dimensions of time; this is why intelligence is identified with the sense of time. Abstract verbal concepts are understood only as they can be comprehended within the temporal dimensions of one's mind; a mind is perceived to grow to the extent that it perceives precedents and consequences. Athena is merely the god of intellect; the ruler of consciousness is Kronus, the Overlord of Time and Change.

Conscious mind is a creation of words. Experiments have found that people lacking the words to describe subtle colours are also unable to distinguish fine differences in hues, but as soon as they are given the words to define the differences between crimson, scarlet, and vermilion, for example, they no longer see all reds as red. Poets expand the common Consciousness by giving new meanings to old words and by coining new words.

The meaning of music is the gestalt; otherwise it is only notes; the beautiful sensation of music is produced by experiencing the energy of the gestalt amplified by harmonic resonance with each note. Likewise, the meaning of life/reality is in its gestalt, a synthesis of all its disparate parts in a higher dimension of consciousness.