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Harikrish I Need To Ask Something

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3/5/2016 5:17:15 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
At 3/5/2016 1:33:10 PM, Harikrish wrote:
At 3/5/2016 4:50:33 AM, TRap wrote:
At 3/4/2016 6:18:19 PM, Harikrish wrote:
At 3/4/2016 6:02:25 PM, Pandit wrote:
At 3/4/2016 6:00:13 PM, Harikrish wrote:
At 3/4/2016 5:51:28 PM, Pandit wrote:
At 3/4/2016 4:21:49 PM, Harikrish wrote:
At 3/3/2016 4:52:23 PM, Pandit wrote:
YaY !

I am a Hindu and my ideology is COSMOGEN .

You are welcomed here Pandit. Diversity is accepted in Hinduism. We are short on intellectuals and scholars on DDO. Please don't feed the animals and help lift those you can before they sink into the abyss.
I always give the story of the wiseman and the crab as a lesson on our humanity.

A crab was drowning in a pool of water. A wise Hindu saw what was happening and pulled the crab out. But the crab bit the wiseman and slipped back into the pool of water. The wise Hindu reached out and pulled the crab out again to save it. And the crab bit the wiseman again.

A passerby saw what was happening and turning to the wise Hindu said. "How can you be a wiseman if you know the crab is going to bite you, yet you continue to save it?
The wise Hindu turned to tbe stranger and replied. It is in the nature of the crab to bite. It is the nature of man to save a life where possible. The crab can no more stop being a crab and stop biting, than I can stop being a human being and stop trying to save its life.

Be true to your nature. Others cannot avoid being what they are as the example shows.

Nice story and great message >_<

Thanks, Please reach out to TREssspa and advise him not to get banned. A religious forum is where Hindus belong. They knowledge, spirituality and compassion for people with bad karma will send a positive message to all those struggling to revive a dead Jewish corpse nailed to a cross.

Ya ! But he is already dead and seems like his new account is Trap ._.
And I was number 1 in his list of Stupid people , LOL .

He must be a low caste untouchable with a chip on his shoulder.


I ask you to stop LYING about untouchability in India.

Here is what a JAT is according to the Government of India.

"In the Indian Constitution, OBCs are described as "socially and educationally backward classes", and the Government of India is enjoined to ensure their social and educational development.

Jats are classified as an Other Backward Class (OBC) in 7 states, not including Haryana and Punjab. In 2016, the Jats in Haryana organized massive protests demanding to be classified as OBC in order to enjoy affirmative action benefits."

Note, your people are demanding to be classified as a backward class.

Of course we are. We have monopoly here in Haryana, we want to sweep the benefits of reservation, what's wrong with that?

"For years, 'jats' have been fooling themselves with the lie that they are of a 'high' caste. Now, in pursuit of a handful of (mostly non-existent) jobs and benefits, they're claiming that they are a 'low' caste. "

Jats Are Now, Officially, a Backward Class among low caste!!!

Can you make please make a list of jats who sacrificed their lives for motherland? Report it to me.

Do you know anything about origin of Jats?