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C.C.V. Christ's Church of the Valle

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11/9/2010 11:02:37 AM
Posted: 7 years ago

This Mega Church in Peoria, AZ location rivals many College campus'. There are over 10,000 members and every where you drive you can find C.C.V. stickers on cars.
Is it right for this Organization to go onto High School campus' and persuade youths into joining the church."Youth Leaders" who are usually teachers and Parents, will send a large group of students to schools and school events to recruit their friends and other Peers. They will hand out information, use manipulative peer pressure skills and hand out ice cream and other baked goods to entice students into joining. They have influenced pretty much all of the extra curricular activities for students to partake in minus sports.
I visit these High Schools often, and see how strong they push their beliefs and influence our youths. I have witnessed first hand the tactics they use " You aren't cool and you have no friends, unless you join us" type of mind games they play with their own peers.
A teacher I used to work with is a "youth leader" for the High School I worked at, boy is she a hot piece of, I digress........ she always had a look to her, almost Villain like, as if she was devising ways to recruit more kids. She tried it on me by asking me to play volleyball with her and some of her church buddies."Sure," I said knowing that May in AZ, well volleyball is a fun sport to watch and play, hint, hint.
After the volleyball, and me nearly spiking the ball in her friends face. She asked me about "God" and "Jesus", and she asked me to be a "youth leader" with her. HA! and NO THANK YOU! Tell me this is not a cult-like recruiting method?
A large majority of teachers,students,friends, and friends of friends call it "Christ's Cult of the Valley" for a reason.
I don't mind the whole Idea of this church, I don't care about the teachings, or the message. Once again I ask: Is it wrong for well not just this church but any church to push their beliefs and use the tactics that they do on teens? Is this what Religion has resorted to, to Bring the numbers back up? Or is it to make sure that the money can keep rolling in?

The only thing good I believe that came out of recruiting at a football game was that one student who remembered me, handed me a root beer float. It was good!

What are your thoughts on this? And sorry it was kind of long, but it is all true.