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Interview with a Catholic

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3/8/2016 1:30:01 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Host: Hello and welcome to the show! What's your name then?

Chloe: Chloe Clueless

Host: Hello Chloe, and thank you for accepting this interview!

Chloe: No problem.

Host: As a catholic, you believe in the trinity, is that correct?

Chloe: Well yes of course. Jesus is God, as clearly stated in the bible.

Host: What scriptures say this?

Chloe: Oh, you know, John 1:1.

Host: How can Jesus be God when there is only one God?

Chloe: Well it's quite simple really, the Son is God, the Father is God, and so is the Holy Spirit, but they aren't really three gods but one God.

Host: Otherwise known as "Daddy, Junior and Spooky".

Chloe: Sometimes yes.

Host: So how do you incorporate this trinity doctrine into the Gospels?

Chloe: What do you mean?

Host: Well, in the bible, Jesus preys to God. Since Jesus is God, who is he preying to?

Chloe: Oh come on, where does it say that?!

Host: Right here...

Chloe: .....Oh, so it does....and this part says Peter chopped someone's bloody ear off.

Host: Yes that's right.

Chloe: Oh, and this part says

Host: Yes, yes, that's correct, but we're going slightly off track now...

Chloe: I never knew it was so big, thick and black!

Host: Wut!?! 0_o

Chloe: This book here, the bible.

Host: Oh, right...

Chloe: What were we saying?

Host: Oh yes, can Jesus be God and yet still prey to God?

Chloe: Because...erm...well you's a mystery...

Host: Ahhh, yes. Of course it is!

Chloe: Yeah...

Host: What about evolution? Do you as a devout Catholic accept evolution?

Chloe: Absolutely not!

Host: Well the Pope said it was true!

Chloe: Well then, I absolutely believe it. Monkeys banging and turning into humans. Is that it?

Host: Eh, close enough.

Host: That's all we have time for. See you next week!

Chloe: Pleasure.
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