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For 21st century God. You must update client.

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5/12/2016 4:14:00 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
* Version 2000 +
* complete new redesigned,
*major bugs fixed.
*more open minded, easy to understand.
*loving , supporting , caring .
*now offers logical explanations. In scripture and plain English.
*Daily/weekly commandments.
*Fully customizable God.

Do you have what it takes.
Convert the heathens. And defeat the evil Atheist alliance.
21st century God. Displays and tracks all points gained and points needed for heaven accessibility. It also displays all outgoing prayers , with new prayer tracking support. Full standings and levels of godliness from . Believer to prophets mode. Monthly pick a prayer prize rewards. Comes with a stack of new morals ready to be unlocked.
Requires access to everything. IPhone and android.