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Does this resonate with anyone on this Site

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5/13/2016 2:27:40 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
I AM the Being that people call God. I AM the Creator of your world. I AM the Creator of yourselves. I have come to you once in power, and now I come to you in love and tenderness.

I AM the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the ending, the power and the love. You see, there is the out-breath and the in-breath of God, spoken of in many eastern religions. The out-breath is the power of God, the outgoing thrust that sends out the individualizations and the world of form. And then, the in-breath is the action of love, where those who become aware of who they are, those who become aware of their source, return to the one in love.

And how do you gain that awareness, and how do you become aware that the greatest love in your Being is to be one with your source? You see, you cannot reach that awareness as long as you see your source as being outside of yourself, as being separate from yourself, as being different " other " than yourself.

God is more than power
Yet it is necessary, in the act of creation, to have the out-breath, to have the phase of power, that sends out the individual Spirit Sparks and sends out the differentiated forms. Yet what has happened on earth, and on certain other planets that are not your concern, is that the self-conscious beings, the individual Spirit Sparks, have become so focused on the power that sent them into this world, that they have created an image that the power is all there is to God.

They look at the universe, they look up into the night sky, and they see the billions of stars and they realize that the power that created this vast universe is so far beyond their own power. And oh how easy it is for them to reason that that power must be outside themselves, it must come from some being up in the sky who is all-powerful. They build the image of the god in the sky, the all-powerful being.

And then, when they separate themselves further from that god in the sky, fear enters the being. And when that fear is multiplied, they come to fear the being in the sky, they come to fear his will. And thus they build on to the image, and now it is not just a being in the sky; it is an angry being in the sky, a judgmental being who wants to impose his will upon them and restrict them and punish them.

And then comes in those who have used their gift of free will to rebel against the Creator, to rebel against their own source. And they want to control, and so they create a religion which says that unless you obey the angry god in the sky, you will burn forever in hell. But you see, my children, I AM not the angry god in the sky, and I was never that god. Yes, I am in the sky, because without me was not anything made that was made, so my Being is within everything. But you see, I am also in you, because otherwise how could you have been made? And that is why Jesus said that, "The kingdom of God is within you." And you will never find me as long as you are looking for me outside yourself.

The great turning point
You see, all of the people on planet earth who are currently open to the spiritual path, the spiritual side of life, all of these people have reached the turning point, where the out-breath stops and the in-breath is ready to begin. Yet, because the Conscious You has separated itself from its source, and has forgotten the original purpose for which it was created and has been misled into actually resisting that original purpose, the Conscious You cannot of its own will merge itself with, immerse itself in, the in-breath of God that calls it back to oneness with its source.

The Conscious You is suspended in time and space, in a no-man"s land " a no-god"s land " where it does not know in which direction to move. It does not know how to free itself. It is trapped, but it is trapped only because it is worshipping an idol, a false image of God and God"s intent. The Conscious You knows that cycles have turned, and it is time to start the in-breath, but it does not know how. It knows it needs to find something, and it keeps looking for it outside itself. And the catch-22 is that you can only start the in-breath, the return to Spirit, by surrendering the outer will of the ego and merging yourself with the higher will that so many human beings call the will of God, the external God.

And as long as you think that God is external, you will not want to submit yourself to it, because deep within your being, the Conscious You knows that you cannot return to your source by submitting yourself to an external will. You can return to source only by reconnecting to the will of your own higher being that is inside yourself. And that is why Jesus said that the kingdom of God cannot come with observation, it cannot come by following an outer religion or an outer practice.

The kingdom of God will not come for you as long as you are looking for it outside yourself. It will come only when you realize that it is inside yourself, because your Self is an individualization of your source.

What is the self?
What is that self that is you? The self is the self that makes choices. And so many people have lost contact with that self to such a degree that many of their choices are subconscious, even unconscious. They have long ago given away their freedom to make free, conscious choices, based on full knowledge, full wisdom, of what the choice entails and what the consequences are. So they are allowing the forces of this world to make choices for them, yet even that is a choice.

I gave you the gift of free will, but you see, there are no free lunches, as they say. And the gift of free will comes with a price; you cannot stop choosing. At any moment you are making choices. Even if you choose not to choose, you are still choosing. That is why the prophets of old said, "Choose life!" Because if you do not choose life, you have chosen death. Death is the separation from your source, and your source is like a river that flows. And when you separate yourself from the flow of God, that is when you enter the consciousness of death. What I desire so much to have all people realize is that my will is not external, my will is not a restriction of who you are.

My will is to see you be all that I created you to be, a God-free spiritual Being who is participating in the great drama of life, the out-breath and the in-breath of God. You are flowing with the cosmic flow, started with the out-breath, and you are now at the point where you are ready, by your own choosing, to say, "I have traveled far enough in this world of form. I have seen all there is to see, and I realize that behind the outer manifestations, even behind all of the beauty in this universe, there must be something more. And I want to know what it is. I, of my own free choice, I, of my own love to find that more, I choose to open my heart and search for it."

The cosmic educational system
And when you come to that point, where you can make that choice out of love and not out of fear, then you have started the in-breath of the return to your source. And some religions have described that process, but even those have given an incorrect image of the process. Because they make it seem like, when you return to your source, you merge into the all and you cease to be.

And so many human beings have looked at this scenario, and they have looked at the world and all the complications and all the suffering, and they have said, "But if I participate in this drama just to return to a state of nothingness, of non-being, then what is the point of it all? Is it not meaningless, is it not just a treadmill, a merry-go-round?"

But you see, I did not create you for the purpose that you should go into the world and go through all kinds of suffering, only then to return and lose the individuality you have built in the process. I did not create you to just go out and return. I created you to go out, and in the process of going out and returning to oneness, you would b
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5/13/2016 8:01:40 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Yes I have known many people who's lives have been ruined by drugs.
And this is how they seem to act.
Get better soon . Pal