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Lost in translation

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6/18/2016 11:06:57 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
God is to be bowed. You have to believe in God, the one all mighty, in order to be saved for eternity or to be lost for same amount. Follow the blueprint of perfect life, word to word, and you will receive all your desires above earthly niceties.

This often time is the message given in most religions, based on ancient written sources and traditions. Eventually crafted to holy books whose authors have not been divine creatures, but rather, it is bound to human mistakes.

To name a few beliefs merged from misinterpretation:

1) God is a "helicopter parent"

"If you believe in God and pray for God you will be saved from all troubles eventually, and the world will be better place". If this would be true, we would not need religion. Everything would be perfect already, without need to believe in anything.

2) You have to bow the God

"If you do not believe in God, you are punished". Again, why we would have a choice to believe or not to, if God, as our creator, had all possibilities to make human not question it?

3) You have to submit for God

"Everything is God"s will". I answer with a question for this one: what about the destiny of God"s claimed son? Wasn"t God furious about it, as in many other claimed events, such as Adam & Eve?

And the last one:

4) "Big bang" and science makes God false

"Teachings of religions are proved to be wrong, thus everything in religion has to be wrong". Man has created religion, as he has created science. What religions teach is not what is, it is what is thought to be.

Religion also has it right. We are under the will of our creator. The will of the One who gave us life, made us evolve and gifted with a mind of thought. It also gave us the superiority over other species, but not over it, even though we grow to understand it more by each day. What eventually happens by its will is not on our control.

Ergo, we certainly already are in the kingdom of God. And that God has more common name than we know, nature.