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Catholicism Vs. False Catholicism

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7/27/2016 4:39:20 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
(Originally posted as a debate, but no responses were made, so I'll just put it out there for anyone who cares to read in the forum):

The Catholic faith is heavily based on tradition, building on previous teachings, similar to the legal concept of stare decisis.

1.(a) At the very core of Catholicism is the Sacrifice of the Mass. This Mass was established as one and unchangeable for all time by a decree of Pope St. Pius V in 1570 (Quo Primum). This decree carried the full weight of Papal authority for the Universal Church, meaning adherence to it is a requirement for Catholics.
(b) The infallibility of the Papal office holds only to decrees in which he teaches the entire Church on matters of faith and morals. It does not apply to his personal life, personal opinions, nor to opinions to things which do not touch on faith or morals.
(c) Infallibility does not attach to a Pope who falls into heretical beliefs, or intends to defile the Catholic faith through his office. In so doing he ceases to be Catholic, and is ineligible to remain the Pope, being automatically excommunicated from the faith.
(d) A clear Papal decree to last "in perpetuity" cannot run afoul of a decision rendered centuries later. A decree can however, run afoul of a decree previously rendered.
(e) the Encyclical "Quo Primum" states, in part: "This new rite alone is to be used unless approval of the practice of saying Mass differently was given at the very time of the institution and confirmation of the church by Apostolic See at least 200 years ago, or unless there has prevailed a custom of a similar kind which has been continuously followed for a period of not less than 200 years, in which most cases We in no wise rescind their above-mentioned prerogative or custom. However, if this Missal, which we have seen fit to publish, be more agreeable to these latter, We grant them permission to celebrate Mass according to its rite, provided they have the consent of their bishop or prelate or of their whole Chapter, everything else to the contrary notwithstanding.

All other of the churches referred to above, however, are hereby denied the use of other missals, which are to be discontinued entirely and absolutely; whereas, by this present Constitution, which will be valid henceforth, now, and forever, We order and enjoin that nothing must be added to Our recently published Missal, nothing omitted from it, nor anything whatsoever be changed within it under the penalty of Our displeasure." (Source: Therefore, the new "Mass" is an invalid ceremony and heretical to Catholicism.

2. The new order religion attempts to confuse, presumably intentionally so, those who seek the True Mass by offering an "indult" mass, implying that true Catholics are being graciously indulged in their desire to adhere to the teaching authority of the Pope and tradition.

3. Other unshakable tenets of Catholicism, based on an Immutable God, such as Sodomy being one of 4 sins which cries to heaven for vengeance, are replaced within this new religion against all teaching and Catholic tradition with acceptance of the most open and notorious violations of this offense, including allowing homosexual "couples" to attend their new mass.

I conclude therefore, that the Catholicism practiced by the Catholic saints for centuries is Catholicism, and the New Order of the Mass religion is foreign to and in opposition the the Catholic faith.

I'm not interested in debating anyone who will not change my mind, and who will not have theirs changed by me. None of this will mean anything to those who are neither Catholic nor false Catholic, which I fully understand. This is just non confrontational expression of my view.
"...But yet the Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth?"
[Luke 18:8]