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Proper use of a model

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8/4/2016 10:09:00 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
(Excerpt from message of Shri Datta Swami)

The temples, statues and yantras are all models, which are the teaching aids used in spiritual knowledge. Of course, all these models must be protected carefully, but the model becomes fruitful only when people understand the concept. A planetarium is a model of scientific knowledge. When you visit the planetarium you must learn the concept from it. Without this, what is the use of simply enjoying the visit of planetarium like a small child?

Once you understand the concept, the model is not necessary, for you. Of course the model should be preserved for the sake of future ignorant people. When the finger points to a dish of food, you must look at the dish, go and eat it. Without doing that, what is the use of constantly looking at the finger? Of course, since the purpose is served, you should not cut off the finger of the person, who showed you the dish. Let the finger remain; it will be useful for the next person.

Therefore respect the statues, temples and yantras and meditate upon them. Meditation means learning the concept of the Lord clearly. Once you understand the concept, there is no use of worshipping the temples, statues and yantras. When you have recognized the human incarnation of the Lord, there is no need of the temple and statue. When you have broken the bond with money, there is no need of worshipping the Sri Chakra. The Lord comes in human form in every generation to avoid being partial to a particular human generation. Therefore, if you can get rid of your jealousy and egoism towards the human form, and identify the human incarnation with the help of the models like temples and statues, your life becomes fruitful. If you become His servant in His mission and participate in it by sacrificing work and the fruit of work (money), there is no need of worshipping the Sri Chakra. If the concept is not understood, all the models are useless.

Such a miracle is possible even for a demon because the demon believes in existence of God other than himself and does a lot of penance. Such miracle performed even by demon indicates only the power of Lord in an indirect way. Such power could not come to the Advaita scholars because basically they were wrong in not accepting God other than themselves. If you follow the correct path, you can become God and can even become the master of God.

Hanuman and Radha never said that they were God and they have become God and master of God respectively. Thus, I am not obstructing your chance to reach the goal. I am saying that you can go even beyond the goal if you travel in the correct path. Hanuman never expressed Advaita in the entire Ramayana. No Advaita scholar can be greater than Hanuman. Hanuman knew all the Upanishads in a better way than any Advaita scholar. This single point is sufficient to say that the path of Advaita is wrong, where as Advaita and more than Advaita is also correct.

posted by: surya (disciple of Swamiji)
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