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8/11/2016 1:44:43 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
I wonder about some of these over-the-top anti-bible websites like, jesusneverexisted, kyroot, etc. I don't doubt their anti-Christianity sentiment, but wonder about how much they actually believe their way-out-in-left-field claims.

I tend to want to place them in the Landover Baptist Church website category. More parodic than in any sense theological. The only difference I see is that with the LBC website, their parodic nature is pretty much least eventually.

The comedian Sam Kinison used the parodical theme in his routine. He used to refer to scripture through the eyes of a contemporary American or westerner, meaning being lost in translation resulting in modern sexual innuendo. The audience of course thought it humorous, but it was fully understood, like the LBC website, that it was simply parody.

But, we see these types of over-the-top references to scripture in discussion forums including this one. I have to wonder about how a number of these DF members actually believe their way out claims about scripture. How can anyone actually think they can interpret scripture through the lens of a contemporary. Even those who translate foreign movies into subtitles admit that they cannot do a completely accurate translation. And they're often converting contemporary foreign language into subtitles for their own language.