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The Real Evolution

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8/28/2016 5:28:40 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
There is an Ancient Indian Game by the name of Moksh Path ( the path of enlightenment ).

Today, you may know it as - Snakes & Ladders.

This game is based on the true version of Evolution -

Evolution of the Human Soul.

The snake swallows your soul and puts you down on earth. ( This snake is adopted as Satan in Adam and Eve story ).

Here, the ladder represent the virtues while the snakes represent the evil.

With virtues, you climb higher and your karmic baggage becomes lesser and when it zero - you merge with God.

When you are devoured by Snakes, your karmic baggage gets heavier. This translates to more rebirths.

Self conscious animals like indian elephants and Dolphins are next in line to be born as humans.

Once you become a human, you are not born as an animal again.

This is because animals act as per their instincts while humans have free will.

Throwing the dice means you make your own destiny.

Hindus believe that we are all part of divine.

Namaste means 'I bow to the divine in you' .

Darwin wrote that elephants pass the mirror test , without conducting such a test on a elephant himself.

Vedic records (5000 BC) mention this fact.
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8/28/2016 5:53:41 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
gota love the oldest surviving religion in the world. I don't know about reincarnation since, like all after life theories, there is no solid proof but at least Hinduism is more concerned with being spiritual and less concerned with which faith you believe in.
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8/28/2016 6:00:20 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
In that case I think you would find the world newest major theistic faith - Sikhism - even more attractive. Plus it saves on paying for haircuts!