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how .... knows right from wrong

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8/29/2016 5:43:40 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
this question, if no god then how to know right from wrong, is one more "saviour" of theists.

This question may be applying to abrahamics only:

in your book God has things that are impossible for him to do, such as "it is impossible for god to lie, it is impossible for Allah to have a son" and e.t.c THese are explained as "it does not mean God fails to do them, is unable to do them but he prefers not to do them" which we may agree with. the question is:

according to what your God knows right from wrong? according to what he sets these taboos for himself? if he himself sets these, then why cant an atheist set a rule/law for himself?

if you gonna insist a rule must come from higher authority does it mean that a SUPERGOD {that means higher authority than your god} told your god not to lie or not to have a son? then, you must be thingking your god also worships higher god.
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