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Pathetically equated his god with a fireman.

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8/30/2016 2:04:24 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
I love the way one of the god defenders is always forced to resort to these poor pathetic non human analogies in his vain attempt at defending his omnipotent, omniscient god.
Apparently omnipotent and omniscient isn't enough to defend yourself.

At 8/30/2016 9:02:54 AM, ethang5 wrote:
At 8/30/2016 8:21:44 AM, bulproof wrote:

"Eternal suffering awaits anyone who questions God's infinite love"

- Bill Hicks

The atheist reads the above and concludes God is evil. But,...

"Excruciating burning awaits anyone who questions a fireman's selfless duty"

- Some random Hick

The atheist reads this and concludes the person refusing the fireman's aid is an idiot

What do you want to bet that there are about a million assumptions the atheist has already made about the OP's claim that he isn't telling us?

At 8/30/2016 9:46:52 AM, bulproof wrote:

Ya just can't trust those omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent firemen who set fires and refuse to save the burning person because they've never been to the station to kiss the fireman's dick, even though the fireman hid the station so nobody could find it or him.

Let's assume that a pretend god exists.
"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act".