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The Difference

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9/3/2016 5:13:15 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Abrahamic religions are notorious for animal Sacrifices.

People worship god with a sense of guilt.

This is wrong.

For most Jews, Christians and Muslims - going to church /mosque is compulsory.

Hindus want to spend their holidays in temples and pilgrimages.

There is no place for a crucified man or stoning the devil.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam talk about outsiders.

Sanatan Dharma is for every living being.

This is the difference.

Before 7000 BC Bharat ruled the whole world.

After that Bharat ruled from from Jerusalem in the West to Cheliabinsk Urals in the North to Vietnam in the East.

We only gave, never took anything.

Bharat never invaded a foreign land.