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Protection from untimely death only "

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11/6/2016 5:39:25 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
(Excerpt from message of Shri Datta Swami)

The Vedic hymn called as Mrutyunjaya mantra or Apamrutyumantra (Triambakamyajamahe") refers to the protection from untimely death only and not from the death in the old age since the Gita says that every living being born must face the death one day or other (Jaatasyahidhruvo"). The untimely death must be avoided because the precious human life given by God is very much useful to do effort to attain the grace of God.

This means that the sole purpose of human life is not to eat, drink and waste the lifetime in the illusion of worldly bonds, which are just temporary and limited to this birth only. If you have forgotten this main point, which is forgetting God, you are already dead as said by sage Sanatsujata to king Dhritarashtra (Pramaadaakhyomrutyuhu"). In the light of this main point only, you have to understand the two points referred by you. Untimely death makes the spiritual effort incomplete in the middle and hence to be avoided for which only God is prayed.

The desire for avoiding the agony in the last time is also for the main spiritual purpose only. The Gita says that if one leaves this body while remembering God, he will certainly reach God (Tyajatyante"). If the agony appears in the last span of time, the mind gets disturbed and cannot remember God. If you remembered God throughout your lifetime, then only, you will get the memory of God in the last time. If you are soaked in salt, chilies and tamarind like a piece of mango fruit, you will get those tastes only, which entered you during long time of soaking.

Such mango pickle can"t become sweet suddenly in the end. If you have remembered God, pleased Him by your theoretical devotion followed by practical sacrifice and service, then only God will come to your memory in the last minute so that you will reach God after death. Reaching God means reaching the energetic incarnation of God in the uppermost world after death and also reaching the same God in human form on the earth to join His service again in the next birth.

posted by: surya (disciple of swamiji)