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An Amazing case of Amazing Grace.

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1/24/2011 12:21:38 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
Peter Peter what marvel, packed a case designed for travel,
without a map phone or pen we'll never see his likes again
without a care and full of fun, he lived a life like on the run

from coast to coast he makes folk smile, he'll soon be off cos that's his style

One night out when enjoying a swally he met a girl He'd like to marry

They married near to a village green, to his idea of a beauty queen

Fast asleep and all tucked up, the spirit came and filled his cup

when all amazed at his transfusion, in then came the big confusion

With God to guide him day by day, what's his Goddess going to say ?

Well 20 years had passed along, when that fat lady sang her song

So off he went with with vows in tatters, and not too sure what really matters

Paisley, Dundee, then down the borders, living a life out with God's orders.

Nothing working what a mess, and two young daughters in distress

Back to mum's to start again, with all the his efforts down the drain

Oh here she comes another female all dolled up with attention to detail

Again he went his merry way, but knew deep down it'll end one day.

Hello Mum that's me hame, nothing changed he's still the same

along came Winnie full of money, Hello Peter your my Honey.

Holland Germany Austria then Venus, Watch out Greece here comes a menace.

Guess who Mum it's me again, listen son your life's yer ain.

Well hello there Cath it's nice to see, sorry for leaving but you know me.

So off he went with her once more, but had an eye for his mothers door

No sooner had he settled down, returned the spirit to shake this clown,

On both knees to serve the King, so no more women without the ring

Two years in and nothing's faltered, so thank the spirit Peter's altered.

All his days are lived for thee, he once was blind but now can see.
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1/24/2011 12:47:05 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
There was a young man named Dave

Who kept a dead whore in a cave.

Said he, "I'll admit

She does smell a bit,

But look at the money I save!"