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Review of "Evolving"

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6/24/2012 2:26:33 PM
Posted: 5 years ago
Daniel J. Fairbanks has a brand new book out called "EVOLVING: The Human Effect and Why it Matters" and I have just completed reading it. I would like to give my 2 cents on it and my review.

Fairbanks argues that understanding evolution has never mattered more in human history. To quote selected paragraphs from page 192

Throughout my career, I've had one foot in basic science and the other in applied science, which is not unusual for scientists. Much of my applied research has focused on the genetics of food plants cultivated in various parts of the world, with an emphasis on helping impoverished people overcome hunger and malnutrition. Having applied evolutionary theory in my research, I can unhesitatingly say that evolution never mattered more than it does not as we address the pressing issues of health, hunger, poverty, and out environment..."

Fairbanks divides this book into two sections. The first is evidence from human evolution via our bodies, the earth, geography, and genome; and the second part is the importance of the evolutionary theory in the issues of our health, food, and environment.

Pluses about the book

1. The book was very entertaining to read (if you are into biology) and was extremely well written.
2. The evidence was clear, concise, and persuasive.
3. The entire book was not focused just on the evidence for evolution; but he also explains why it actually matters.
4. He puts a nice glossary in the back in case you don't understand any of the terms.


1. The book is extremely advanced and may be difficult to understand if you are new to the Theory of Evolution.
2. The second half of the book is not as well written as the first part and is lacking on some detail.


This book I rate as an overall 8/10. It is an excellent book and well worth the investment. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone with interest in the Theory of Evolution. However, if you are new to the theory, the book Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne may be a better place to start.
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