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Interesting Math trivia and dates

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2/5/2015 11:54:11 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Let's talk about interesting math trivia! yay!

- Did you know that every time you shuffle a deck of cards, that particular arrangement has never existed before in the history of the universe? (Of course we'll exclude the first shuffle or two from a brand-new deck that is pre-arranged). To count possibilities, you can use your windows calculator n! button. So if you have 52 items, there are 52! possible arrangements of them (8.06 x 10^67) - a way higher number than the amount of possible times somebody's shuffled a deck! Don't try explaining this to your drunk buddies at poker, it they will not comprehend and you'll just end up setting them all against you (trust me).

- There are about a googol (10^100) particles of matter in the universe (that's a very rough estimate). It's almost impossible to express a googolplex however (10^100^100). One possible way is to imagine that the entire universe is packed tight with dust particles. There's not a single millimeter of space that isn't tightly-packed like your vacuum cleaner when it's full. If you count the possible arrangements one could make with that dust (let's see... 1.77 x 10^33 lightyears, divided by the size of a mote of dust... oh man!) , and then put the ! symbol at the end to count the arrangements, you should be in the ballpark of a googolplex. A googolplex defies any physical description outside of probability; a googolplex millimeters wouldn't be significantly different than a googolplex light-years, as far as we are concerned. A googolplexian (10^100^100^100) is beyond any explanation even with probabilities, but still a small number compared to what busy beavers can reach...

Fun dates! We're all gonna die!

- In 100,000 years, Earth will likely have suffered a supervolcanic eruption of 400 km^3 magma
- In 500,000 years, Earth will likely have been hit by a meteor 1km large
- In 1 million years, Earth will likely have suffered a supervolcanic eruption of 3200 km^3 magma
- In 100 million years, Earth will likely have been hit by a meteor 10-15km large
- In 250 million years, all the continents will come together to form one supercontinent
- In 400 million years, the supercontinent will rift apart
- In 500 million years, Earth will likely have been hit with a gamma-ray burst from a supernova
- In 600 million years, the Sun's increasing luminosity disrupts the carbonate-silicate cycle, depleting C02 in the atmostphere, killing 99% of life on Earth (photosynthesis becomes impossible)
- In 2.8 billion years, Earth will be 300 degrees F (Earth is totally sterilized beyond any chance of life existing)
- In 3.5 billion years, Earth will resemble Venus
- In 8 billion years, the Earth will be destroyed by the Sun