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Anybody read "The Language of God?"

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6/6/2015 3:55:58 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I am currently reading Francis Collins' (you all know who HE is, right?) book "The Language of God."

He wrote it as a sort of rebuttal to Richard Dawkins' "The God Delusion"--about seven years ago. Which I also read--twice--and thoroughly enjoyed.

But I like to get both sides of an argument--especially on all matters theological. Or atheist. So I decided to give Collins--a brilliant geneticist and chemist who won a Nobel Prize for his role in mapping the human genome--a fair shake. As it seems he is a converted believer.

But so far his testimony is not very compelling. I might go into it and discuss further if anybody wants to.

Have any of you read it? Thought or comments? Or maybe other books by a well-established man of science who made a case for God? (I know they are few and far between. Some 93% of the members of the National Association of Scientists are atheist!

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