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Skyangel and the composition of the Sun

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7/1/2015 8:24:26 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Sky thinks that the Sun is equivalent to ball lightning on Earth despite ball lightning being an atmosphetic electric phenomenon. She denies that the Sun is comprised largely of hydrogen and helium. (Note that the name helium came from the Greek word for the Sun, Helios!).

Sky needs to acqaint herself with a spectrometer:

Spectroscopic analysis of the light from the Sun reveals that the spectral lines for hydrogen and helium are very dark indicating they are abundant within the Sun:

How does Sky explain these results? Does she deny that optical spectroscopy, discovered and used since the middle of the 19th century, is valid science? What alternative explanation is there for the prominent hydrogen and helium absorption lines present in sunlight?
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7/1/2015 8:52:30 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Skyangel wrote:

So you flew to the center of the sun and took a sample of the fuel, did you ?

No need. Read the OP.

Did you fly to the Sun and get a sample of "ball lightning"? No? Then why do you believe the Sun is made of "ball lighning". You're a hypocrite with one standard of evidence for scientists and another for you with your crack-pot ideas.

Dream on dreamer. I don't believe you.

You don't accept concrete evidence? What a surprise. Lol.

The conclusions about the sun made by mankind on Earth depend on the experiments made in Earths atmosphere.

Educate yourself:

In particular:

The prime objective of ACE is to measure and compare the composition of several samples of matter, including the solar corona, the solar wind, and other interplanetary particle populations, the local interstellar medium (ISM), and galactic matter.

Go out in space and try the same experiments in the space environment and see how different the results are.

LOL. See above.

You cannot reproduce a space environment on Earth because no one knows for sure what kind of forces and energies are out there and how they all interact with each other.

Correction. You don't know. Scientists do, or did you sleep through the launch of countless unmanned exploration craft to all parts of the solar system?

Coming to conclusions about space by doing experiments on Earth is foolish.

You mean like "ball lightning" suns? Lol. What a hypocrite you are.

It is a like a fish trying to come to conclusions about a desert by doing its experiments in water and deciding the results of the experiments also apply to the desert environment.

Have the fish sent out an automated probe into the desert? Lol.
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7/2/2015 12:07:57 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Skyangel wrote:

The beginning is the source of the end and vice versa in any CYCLIC phenomenon.

What cyclic phenomenon? Are you just asserting again?

Yes I am asserting and speculating and throwing new ideas into the ring for all of you to ridicule like our forefathers ridiculed the ideas that the world was a sphere because they had convinced themselves it was flat.

Please don't compare yourself with real scientists. Those first practitioners of the scientific method weren't just speculating. They were making observations and trying to explain them. Then they devised experiments to test their hypotheses. That's the exact opposite of what you do. In fact, you don't care about observations at all. It's just whatever tickles your fancy.

Lay aside your biases and prejudices and tendency to trash anything that you judge as ridiculous and actually look into the possibility for a change.

Provide one shred of evidence for anything you assert and we will.

Truth can be a lot stranger than fiction.

So can nonsense. Separating the two is the problem. That's where evidence comes in.

My observations of life all around us leads me to believe many natural phenomenon work in a cyclic pattern.

Sure they do. Some are short-cycle, some are long-cycle, but none last forever.

It doesn't take a genius to notice weather cycles and natural cycles on Earth, cyclic patterns in the universe, etc.

No, even you can do it. Lol.

Now I expect ridicule from all you people who are stuck in the rut of belief that the sun works like a hydrogen bomb and will one day run out of "fuel" but hear me out.

Have you heard of novas and supernovas? What about red giants and brown dwarfs? How about black holes? They all exist and are all consequences of the fuel running out. Please explain them.

I suspect the sun works in a cyclic pattern similar to the water cycle on Earth.
The water cycle is self sustaining. It has no real beginning or end due to being a REPETITIVE CYCLE. The "beginning" is the source of the "end" and the "end" is the source of the "beginning" and it keeps repeating the pattern.

BS. The water cycle is driven by the energy of the Sun. Take away the Sun and there will be no water cycle. Take away the atmosphere and there will be no water cycle, which is probably what happened on Mars.

I suspect the sun works on a self sustaining repetitive cycle too.

You suspect? LMAO. Have you heard of entropy? There is no such thing as a self-sustaining repetitive cycle. Perpetual motion machines were debunked ages ago. Did you miss the memo?

I suspect it is creating its own "fuel" which it also consumes and it does it in a perfect balance so it will never run out of "fuel"

A perpetual motion machine? You're beyond belief. That violates either the 1st or 2nd laws of thermodynamics or both. These fundamental laws are inviolable.

Plasma is the source of plasma.

From your own link:

Deep in the core of this hot blob of plasma the nuclei of the atoms are squeezed more tightly together by gravity. Then at some point, those nuclei (protons and neutrons) can join together in the process called nuclear fusion. When fusion takes place, it releases large amounts of energy. This energy keeps heating the plasma, giving rise to more fusion, etc. So the sun is a great "plasma/fusion furnace."

Methinks you just shot yourself in the foot. Fusion consumes lighter eoements to produce heavier ones. It's a one-way process and fuel (hydrogen) is depleted. Your own link. Lol.

In effect the sun is creating and destroying itself at the very same time.

You had better read your source again because you haven't understood a word!

So is the Earth and everything else in space.

That's my speculation ( theory) anyway.

It's as good as any one elses speculations.

Without evidence, your speculations are entirely worthless. The very site you have cited as support contradicts you. You are a joke.