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Some things about the brain you do not know..

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7/5/2015 4:04:02 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
It has come to my attention over the years that many people hold some very false ideas concerning the human brain. To the point that they have become popular Myths.

Here are some of the most prevalent, but very wrong ones............

"We only use 10% of our brains"

This is not only inaccurate, it is stupendously wrong. We have seen time and again via the usage of several types of medical-imaging methods, that a far-higher percentage of the pertinent areas of our brains are fully-engaged when doing even the simplest of tasks, like tying your shoe or cooking dinner.

"Our brains are 'hardwired'"

As in, that IQ test you took back in junior high is a set-in-stone yardstick measurement of how intelligent you are. And you can never improve your IQ. Wrong. Through cultivating the ability of "Neuro-plasticity" we can actually 're-wire" our brains, altering the pathways in which the trillions of neurons we have use to send and receive the neurotransmitters. This can be compared with making new foot paths through, say, a field of dry grass with continual walking. You can thus "etch" new neural pathways in your brain. An example: people who have lost one sense--like sight--when they enhance a different one--as in their smell, or touch.

"Don't kill those brain cells by chugging that bottle of Tequila, dude! Ya can't grown new ones!"

While that practice is not recommended, nor is it conducive to optimum brain health, it is just plain wrong. We CAN and DO grow new brain cells all the time. Just as we do in the rest of our bodies.

"Left-handed people use their Right Brain and right-handed people use their Left Brain."

Simply untrue. While true that certain and precise parts of the brains are used for certain tasks and activities that we engage in, they are "spread-out" over both hemispheres of the brain, right and left.

"Having your baby listen to classical music will make him grow up to be smarter!"

We call this the alleged "Mozart Effect." It sure does sound good, as does his music--but the fact is there is just zero proof for this idea.

"Your Brain works better under pressure"

Usually not, as the various hormones, like adrenaline that are released during tense situations are more likely to interfere with your cognitive abilities than enhance them. might be motivated to work harder when, say, faced with a pressure situation, or a time limit for completing a difficult task, but if you DO complete it successfully, it is just because you applied maximum effort, and not because your brain was kicked into some sort of "overdrive" or enhanced state.

And of course.......all questions, comments, arguments, and thought are welcomed and encouraged on any of these Myths! Thanks.
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