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Great Find - Climate Modeling

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9/21/2015 3:24:45 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
This study give a definite relationship to the 11 year sun cycle to the North Atlantic Oscillation. That oscillation is a weather pattern that effects Europe's weather. The below excerpt sums the implications well. We as laypeople get all these articles about global warming and how models are making predictions. However, we never get any detail on the model and what factors and variables were included or excluded in the model. It used to be most global warming models were level of CO2 in atmosphere only. We are now getting more empirical data to include other factors. It should make models more accurate, but we need to start demanding to know what factors are included in various models.

Prof. Matthes continued. So far, most global climate models have neither a sufficient resolution in the stratosphere nor interactive chemical components. "Although the solar effect on the North Atlantic Oscillation explains only a few percent of the total variance, the close relationship between solar activity and phase North Atlantic Oscillation is an important indicator to improve the predictability of climate variability," Dr. Thi"blemont summarizes.