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Man's Scientists destroying the environment.

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6/6/2016 11:52:32 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Although the "Giant Garbage Patch" is not an area of one particular cluster of plastics, and is promoted as a fear campaign by the Greenies, it is still a great concern and it has not, yet been approached with the intention of cleaning it all up. There may be too many of these plastic islands for any government to take the task on, and of course, the governments will claim ti is someone else's fault.

Why are the scientists to blame? The scientists of the world have always tried to be the first in something or other. I appears that , Like the early space race, that it is important for one country to beat the other country. With this attitude there is little thought given to the "side effects", and money and power are the only encourages for scientific discovery.

Given that it takes a plastic drink container 450 years to break down, it will be a much bigger mess by then that the earth can handle, and we as greedy humans do not care unless it affects us directly.

Look at science, and what it really means: If there is a need, someone will try to fill that need, and if one person can fill the need others will try to do it cheaper using less 'environmentally friendly' materials.

The scientists of Monsanto, are probably amongst the worst of any group in the entire world. It has been stated that Monsanto wants to register all the food crop seeds that it GM's and then put a copyright on those seeds so that the only food crop or any sort can only be purchased from Monsanto.

Is that the fault of Monsanto? not really they are only following the greed trail that others missed out on. Monsanto has already copyrighted one gene in the commercial pigs of France, and if your pig, at the market has this gene, the farmer must pay a fee to Monsanto. Of course, almost all market pigs in France and other parts of the world have this gene, but it is the governments that do not want to interfere with the raging greed of companies because of "Political Donations".

Is it the scientists fault? If they only looked at the bigger picture other than the immediate greed picture, then they would not be a part of coming up with products that there is not, already in force, a management program for any "side effects".

The scientists do not look at the problems that pesticides have caused and it took a government with guts to bad those DDT products, although Monsanto have others to replace them it does not appear that any caution is advised. You will see all the disclaimers on the product, but they so "Lawyer writ" that most users don't take much use notice. Round up is banned in the US, or parts there of, and yet here in Australia you will find government employees that say "Na! Mate, round-up is alright, ya' can drink it straight." Although you will not get a demonstration thee is conflict between those that say it is dangerous and those that say it is harmless, and this is the conflict that the chemical companies rely on to keep the d sales going.

It is very likely that the scientists are the only ones that really know the effects on other 'systems. but it is not within the Scientist charter to notify anyone of this.'