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What causes cancer

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6/12/2016 11:06:28 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Cancer is a result of a number of things.

1. Slow blood flow - caused by eating too much sugar and food concentrates which thicken the blood.

2. Inflammation of blood vessels - caused by eating grain or grass based foods which cause allergic reactions. This reduces blood flow also.

3. Blocking of blood supply - caused by eating/drinking dairy products. This leaves calcium deposits in the blood vessels. Can result in stroke, heart attack, renal failure and cancer.

4. Lack of vitamins - this will cause cell dysfunction inhibiting apoptosis from occurring which leads to cancerous conditions.

The apoptosis process requires iodine and vitamin C on a regular basis to stop cancer cells from forming in the early stages.

Thus, cancer is essentially an oxygen and iodine deficiency problem.

Note - Tobacco and asbestos are both blocking agents which can add too or speed up the process of cancer formation.